Meningitis, you're dead bacteria!

Find a way to kill Meningitis. Reward: $25000


He is about 1 millionth of a inch, made out of little spheres attached to each other, has many disguises such as bacterial or viral.

Crimes committed.

Pain and torture caused by this sick twisted microbe.

Mr. Meningitis has caused much pain and suffering along his career as a disease, and we are here to talk about the crimes he has committed. He Has caused people severe headaches, neck stiffness and pain, and high fevers. These are all charges worthy of the electric Anti-Biotics, and I think he should pay for his crimes in the worst way possible.

Contact info

You will be rewarded $25000 if you find and kill Meningitis, please bring him to this warehouse to verify his death.


Mr.Meningitis was last seen at the spinal cord and at the brain. Look especially in the membrane covering the brain and the meninges in the spinal cord.