UCAS Update

June 4, 2020

Message from Administration

Dear Parents and Students-

Recent news of riots across the country and state have served to open the eyes of many to the inequities that exist in our culture. At UCAS, we seek to educate and understand ALL students. One of our recent graduates put it this way: “Education is liberating, empowering yet humbling, and most importantly, it allows the ability to see the world with an open mind, and only then can compassion take effect.”

We hope that you will take the opportunity to discuss the current events with your family so that they can understand your perspective and put things into the context you hold true; instead of what they may be learning online or through other sources. Recently, it has come to our attention that there has been inappropriate content posted from our students on a social media platform called Discord. Like all social media outside our own accounts, UCAS does not moderate the activity on this site. Because of the extreme comments we have been made aware of, we encourage you to talk to your students about their activity on this site and even encourage them to take a break from it for awhile. As administrators, we are also in contact with the poster of these comments and we are doing everything we can to discontinue the inappropriate activity.

We hope our students will remember that even when not at school, as a UCASian others often see them as a representative of what we stand for. We hope our students will take honor and pride in that and represent our school well.

Give your teacher feedback

Students: please click here to give feedback to your teachers. We appreciate hearing from you about the things you liked and appreciated, and the things that could have been better. Its how we improve!

STEM Business representative opening on the UCAS board

The UCAS board of directors has one vacancy for a member of the STEM business community. If you are interested in serving on the board, or know someone who might be, who is also involved in a career in technology, science, engineering, or math, please contact principal Derbidge at Jennilyn.Derbidge@ucas-edu.net

Free Meals to continue thru June


Utah County Academy of Sciences is serving lunches to all children ages 0-18.

Starting May 18th and continuing through June 26th

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from ll:30 am -1:00 pm

Come in a car or walk over to 2121 North 550 West Provo, UT to pick up your FREE MEALS!

*Pick-up lane is located in the front of the school. We will have staff bring sack lunches to your window.

No need to leave your car at all!

(Children must be present to receive meal)

Meals provided are same-day lunch and next day breakfast.

We will ONLY be serving from our Provo location. We will NOT be sending meals to the Orem campus at all.

UVU Summer Bridge

UVU's College of Science and the Latino Initiative are excited to offer the 2020 Free Online Latino Scientists of Tomorrow Summer Bridge Program for Utah high school students currently in grades 10th-12th (graduating seniors will also be considered).

This program encourages Latina/o and other underrepresented Utah high school students to explore careers in science. Admitted students could earn up to six Free college credits. In addition to leading students to careers in science, these college courses could count as general education or elective credits for UVU/other higher education institutions (based on major selection). Also, students will participate in online extracurricular activities including college success and career exploration workshops.

Program dates:

• June 29th - August 13th

Monday - Thursday (9:00 am - 2:00 pm)

Free online courses:

• BTEC 1010 | Fundamentals of Biotechnology (3 Credits)

• GEO 1010 | Introduction to Geology (3 Credits)

Application deadline: May 25, 2020 http://www.uvu.edu/bridge

Main Office hours in May

The Provo campus will be open Mon thru Friday from 11-1pm through the end of May

The Orem campus will be open M,W,F from 11-1 through the end of May.

Both campuses will be closed for Memorial Day, May 25th.

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