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Don't let eBooks Scare You!

All Bryan students have been taught how to access eBooks through the Bryan online catalog. Access to eBooks means that your student can now check-out and begin reading a book from home (or anywhere with Internet access).

Here are the easy-to-use steps:

1. Go to the Bryan website and click on the Library Learning Commons page

2. Select 'Find a Book' from the menu on the left

3. From the 'Collections' drop-down, choose eBooks

4. Log-in using the same user name & password that you use in the school computer lab

[username: first initial, last name, last 3 numbers of your student I.D.

password: Fhsd followed by your school I.D. number ex: Fhsd123456

5. Use the tab to Search for an eBook by subject, title, author, etc.

6. Check-out your eBook and begin reading!

Students have the option of installing an app on their phone or device for even easier access. See Mrs. Wayman for more information.

November Truman Party

Our next Truman Celebration will take place on November 28th (use that Thanksgiving break to read!). All students who have 1.successfully read 4 of this year's titles 2. spun the wheel to answer ONE question about the book and 3. kept an updated reading log in the Learning Commons binder will be invited to come for food and fun during Patriot Time!