Beers Law Lab

By: Devyn Liebing

What is Beers Law

The relationship between asobance of light and the concentration of a solution.

what did we do in this lab?

In this lab we had to figure out if aunt Elda was gave too much anesthesia. so we had to make 7 solutions of 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% and 100% and aunt Elda's . So what we figured out by using the colorimeter was that aunt Elda was overdosed because she had more than 40% solution gave to her. And that is why she never woke up. So in the graph we looked and saw that aunt eldas solution 49.90%

what is colorimeter

a colorimeter detects how much light goes through a solution. for each cuviet we put it i the colorimeter to see ho much light the solution absorbed.

how to make a % solution

To make a 10% solution you would put 1 ml concentrate and 9 ml water.