Cougar Call

Volume 3, Issue 8

College Choices

A common belief among teenagers and young adults today is that one must absolutely attend a competitive school or college university in order to attain success in life. This is simply not the case. In fact, I’d wager to say that community college is arguably a better choice due to its lack of an extremely high tuition, and they provide the same service and the same level of education. Take me, for example. I am a 17 year old high school student with a mediocre GPA and above average test scores. I couldn’t make it into a competitive school such as the University of Georgia or Georgia College, but I did make admission into Georgia State’s community college known as Georgia Perimeter. This school offers undergraduate classes as well as Associate degrees in an increasing variety of topics such as Computer Sciences, which just so happens to be my major. I am paying a grand total of just under ten thousand dollars for my Associate’s degree whereas the same classes from a university would be upwards of 30 grand! I will have the same chance for a job as any other graduate from any other school with a tenth of the debt they have. That is simply amazing and feels as if it will bring me further in life than many people who bury themselves in debt for the same education and the same opportunity.

By: Nick Maynard

PAC Soccer Visit Dublin

The Piedmont Varsity soccer teams played in a tournament hosted by Trinity in Dublin on the 3rd and 4th of March. Both teams played Trinity the first round with the Piedmont boys losing 8-0 and PAC girls losing 2-0. In the second round, the boys played Central Fellowship Christian Academy and lost 3-1. The goal for the boys came from Ian Boyd on an assist from Joseph Anderson. The girls lost their second game 1-0 against Bleckley County. For the third round of the Tournament, the boys played against Bleckley County just hours after their CFCA game and lost 4-0. The girls played their final game of the tournament against CFCA and won 2-0. The goals were scored by Emily Mills and Mattie Johnston, with both being assisted by Taylor Patterson. Notable players for the PAC boys during the game were Brett Bush and Ian Boyd. Bush tremendously helped the defense of the Cougars while playing GK and had several incredible saves. Notable players for the PAC girls were Emily Mills, Taylor Patterson, Mattie Johnston, Caitlyn Young, and Anne Marie Hilldebrant. Young was a force on the defensive side of the ball stopping many balls before they had the chance to reach the GK. What balls did manage to pass the girls impressive defense were mostly stopped by GK Anne Marie Hildebrant who only gave up three goals in the entire tournament.

By: Joseph Anderson

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The 2017 Piedmont Academy baseball team has done very well so far. We have had three games and have won two of them. In the first game the team played against Bethlehem and won 3-0, in the second game they played Flint River and won 13-3, and in the last game we played against Calvary and lost 8-4. A player off of Piedmont's baseball team, Mr. Clayton Carter, said that the team needed to work more on positions but that the team does very well in communication and having good teamwork.

By: Savannah Mote


1. What is a teacher’s 3 favorite words?

June, July, and August

2. What room can you never enter?

A mushroom

3. On your way home, you take a right and 3 lefts then you see two men in masks. Who are the men?

The umpire and the catcher

4. What kind of flowers do you have between your nose and your chin?


5. What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back to you?

A stick

6. What did the tie say to the hat?

You go on a head, I’ll hang round.

7. What goes up and down, but never moves?


8. What can you find in the middle of nowhere?

The letter H

9. What is the kindest vegetable?

A sweet potato

10. What do you call it when someone puts a clock of their belt?

A waist of time

By: Kensie Johnston


This year Piedmont Academy’s literary team tied for first place with Brentwood Academy at the 2017 regional literary competition. We had 7 1st place wins, including Kevin Davis in spelling, Will Tillman, performing a humorous interpretation piece, and Danny Ramsdell with his dramatic interpretation. Chris McClain also scored first in domestic extemporaneous speaking. Essayists Jackson Waddleton, Emma Kate, and Ivy English all scored first in their respective essays. Second place scores include Danny Ramsdell’s and Will Tillman’s duo interpretation piece and Nick Maynard's International extemporaneous speaking. The team will advance to state championship next week and will hopefully bring back that trophy. Go Cougars!

By: Nick Maynard

Teacher Spotlight

This month our teacher spotlight is Mrs. Molly Tyree. Mrs. Tyree currently teaches 8th and 9th grade English and high school journalism here at Piedmont. This is her first year at Piedmont, and she says that her favorite thing about Piedmont Academy are the students she teaches and being at the same school as her daughter, Makayla. When asked what made her want to come to Piedmont, she said, “The small family, the Christian atmosphere, and I felt like this is where God was leading me and my family to come.” Her favorite color is pink, and her favorite hobbies include cooking and exercising. She says that she is probably most known for as a teacher is challenging her students and bellwork. In the past, she has been a media specialist for two years and a 9th grade English teacher for six years. When asked what her favorite part about teaching is, she stated, “I enjoy being involved with your (students’) lives, interacting with y’all, and seeing the improvement in your work.” Before teaching, she went to college at North Georgia, UGA, and Troy University. She says that she wanted to become a teacher because she loved reading and writing in school, and her 8th grade English teacher influenced her to want to teach and help others. Thank you to Mrs. Tyree for being such a devoted and challenging teacher. We hope she stays at Piedmont for years to come.

By: Mallory Boyd

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But seek FIRST His kingdom and His righteousness, and all of these things will be given to you as well. Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Matthew 6:33-34

When December of 2016 was ending, I knew it was time to begin thinking about 2017. My one and only New Year’s resolution was to grow closer and to become more like Jesus Christ. One decision I made was to attempt to read the entire Bible. The reading began in the New Testament. When I got to Matthew chapter 6, I knew it was a passage I should pay very close attention to. The caption above Matthew 6:25-34 was the title “Do Not Worry.”

Those three words hit home for me. In life, I never know what could happen. Not knowing everything is scary sometimes. Worrying is definitely easy, but God tells us not to worry. This goes back to Psalm 46:10, too. Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth.” The best thing to do when worrying affects you is to take a step back and realize God loves you, He has everything under control, and He does not want you to worry.

Matthew 6:33-34 was the focus of my devotion a few weeks ago. This verse is God telling us to focus on Him and to seek His presence first in everything you do. Trust God is in control and is watching out for you. If God is the first thing we seek and the person we focus on, everything else will fall into place. This does not mean hard times and struggle will not hit, but God makes hard times better because He is always there for us. Today, seek God and His kingdom before anything else!

By: Kelsey Leach

Middle School Spring Fling

The Middle School Spring Fling took place on March 3, 2017. The dance had karaoke, Chicken Run, and much more. Everyone had a great time dancing the night away. The dance was held by the middle school student council which includes Emily McEwen, Carina Valdivia, Dakota Floyd, Savannah Stanton, Adriana Chapko, Taylor Boyd, Malynne Webb, and Mrs. Amber Hawks. The Student Council had a fun time planning the dance. Next year, we hope that the dance will be just as fun and successful.

By: Savannah Stanton

National Honors Society

On February 23rd, ten students were inducted into the Piedmont Academy Chapter of the National Honor Society: Georgia Allen, Brett Bush, Clayton Carter, Lawton Harris, Madelyn Johnston, Rainey Loftin, Madison McCart, Hannah Nelson, Grace Roberts, and Madison Sanders. National Honors Society is an organization that recognizes outstanding students who demonstrate scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Congratulations to all of the new members!

By: Mallory Boyd

Saint Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day has always been a fun holiday to celebrate, but not many people know why we celebrate or who Saint Patrick is. March 17th, which happens to be my birthday, is the anniversary of the death of Saint Patrick, who died in the fifth century. It has been celebrated as an Irish religious holiday for over 1,000 years. Irish families would attend a church service in the morning and celebrate in the afternoon. Since the date falls during the Catholic time of lent, drinking and eating meat would be allowed on this day.

Saint Patrick was an Irish apostle who was kidnapped and brought to Ireland as a slave at age 16 from Roman Britain. His story of becoming a leader in the church is respected and celebrated in Ireland, but the first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in New York City in 1762. Today, people all over the world embrace their Irish roots and wear green to celebrate the life of the Saint who came from slavery… and my birthday.

By: Ivy English


Piedmont Academy’s 2017 tennis team is coached by Elizabeth Davis. At the start of February, the tennis team began practicing at Funderburg Park on the weekdays and some weekends. On February 25th official tryouts were held to decide who would compete in the matches. Starting Monday, March 6th, the team competed in their first match at Briarwood. The matches take place through March and most of April. April 25th is the Team State Tournament if the Cougars make it that far.

The roster is as follows:

8th grade- Malynne Webb.

9th grade- Mallory Boyd, Kelsey Leach, Emily Mills, Loren Pope, and Morgan Whitley.

10th grade- Neely Bradford, Sydney Davis, Gracie Hunt, Kirkley Holifiled, Savannah Mote, and Ryn Smith.

11th grade- Grayson Bradley, Emma Kate Edmonds, Ivy English, Anne Marie Hildebrant, Railey Holloway, Taylor Patterson, Daniel Respess, Rustin Starker, and Caleb Vander Ven.

12th grade- Bailyn Whitaker and Danny Ramsdell.

Unfortunately, not all of the tennis athletes can compete in official matches due to the size of the team. However, the singles and doubles competing for Piedmont Academy are as follows:

Doubles Teams:

Ryn Smith (10th) and Emily Mills (9th).

Emma Kate Edmonds (11th) and Ivy English (11th).

Gracie Hunt (10th) and Grayson Bradley (11th).

Daniel Respess (11th) and Caleb Vander Ven (11th).

Singles Team:

Makennah Holifield (12th).

By: Kelsey Leach


This track season, all high school athletes at Piedmont Academy will participate as a whole team. Track is preparing the athletes in ability and speed for sports for the next school year. The coaches include Colt Spivey, Wes Tanner, Michael Wilson, and Mary Catherine Sikes. In practice, we do long and short distance running, so the coaches can see who is qualified in each event. Our goal is to have someone compete in each event at every meet. This sport’s goal is to join all athletics together as a team.

By: Kensie Johnston

Paws at a Glance

April 3-7: Spring Break

April 10: B team Baseball vs. Bethlehem 4:00

April 11: B Team Baseball @ Windsor 4:00

Varsity Baseball @ Windsor 6:00

PTO 3:30

Tennis Region Tournament @ Brentwood

Varsity Soccer vs. Lake Oconee

April 12: Ms. Baseball vs. Brentwood 4:30

Lend A Paw

Track @ Brentwood

April 13: MS Baseball vs. Ace

Varsity Soccer @ Loganville

April 14: Good Friday


April 18: Varsity Baseball vs. Mon Don

Varsity Soccer @ Gatewood

April 18-21: Middle School DC Trip

April 19: Dress Down Day


Region Track

April 20: V and B Baseball vs. JMA


April 21: V Baseball @ Brentwood

April 22: V and B Baseball vs. Deerfield

April 24: State Golf

B Team Baseball @ ACE

April 25: Tennis State Tournament

Varsity Soccer vs. Augusta Prep

April 26: K4 Field Trip to Charlie Elliot

April 27: B Team Baseball @ Loganville

April 27-29: State Track

FFA State Convention

April 29: Auction

By: Ivy English