A Port City High Novel

Written by: Shannon Freeman

Rating and Recommendation

I give this book 5 stars. The book was very realistic and action packed. It felt like I was reading a movie script.

I would reccomend this book to all high school kids. I think that they will be able to relate to it very well.


Exciting, action-packed, nerve racking, sad, gloomy, relate-able, suspenseful


Life was finally returning to normal for the three best friends: Brandi,Shane, and Marissa.

Shane had been on drugs for awhile and she was finally able to kick her habit. Brandi and Marissa were finally able to mend their friendship that was almost destroyed by Brandi's first love, Matthew. The girls were finally getting everything together, everyone except Brandi. Shane was in rehab and Marissa has a new love interest but Brandi was distracted by her parent's tumultuous marriage. To distract herself, she makes an online page and meets a boy named Camden. She was so "over the moon" about meeting someone new that she became blind to everything else. So blind that she ignored the obvious dangers of talking to a stranger on line.

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Written by:

Mikayla Simmons, 4th period