Marketing research company's

J.D. Power and Associates, Arbitron, Yankelovich

J.D. Power and Associates

J.D. Power and Associates is a company that rates the top items at there times. They compare them to others and then. They do this for the people to see what they will get the best of there money for what they buy. They have a sect group of categories that they rate some of them are Automotive, Electronics, Energy, Finance and more. There are many job opportunity at J.D. Power and Associates some of the potions s that they offer are legal, customer service, consulting, sails.


Arbitron study's what consumers watch and listen to. They are located in 100 countries. They rank the top 10 in categories from music, TV shows and video games to books and websites visits. Consumers have the ability to see what is the top in those categories. In the company you have the ability to be an engineer or a sails person and you could be the person that is in charge of herring all the people.


A team of consultants researchers and futures experts who unlock new sources of growth for clients. They will find where there best chance of growth is. The consumer has the ability to find ways of growth in there business and to expand the business. the opportunity that they offer within there business are marketing management, consumer reports and administration are some of the many things they offer.