Photographic Film

The invention that revolutionized photography!

George Eastman

  • Founded Kodak

  • Invented the first photographic roll film in 1884 and patented it in 1888


  • Wet plates were originally used to develop photos but were messy and photographers had to take the picture while the plate was wet. This was inconvenient and inefficient.

  • Eastman invented an emulsion-coating (nitrate coating) machine which enabled him to mass-produce photographic dry plate.

  • He then used the coating on a transparent paper base that could be rolled around a spindle, thus creating the first flexible roll of film.

The Impact of Film

  • Made indoor and outdoor photography easily possible to people who were inexperienced at taking pictures. This made the product marketable to the wide public.

  • The small size made it portable and easy to load into a camera.

  • Improved picture quality and exposure.

  • enabled inventor Thomas Edison to develop the first motion picture camera in 1891.

What's the big deal?

  • The film roll was a huge advancement in the world of photography and was the first modern way of developing pictures

  • This was a user-friendly invention: Many people learned to use cameras after this invention which created a boost in the photography industry

  • Media and press became greatly advanced with the help of film throughout the 1900's