Lineville Tecnology

By:Easton Bogenschuetz

I will tell you all about what you will do in technology in 6th grade at Lineville.

Typing web

  • I liked how we could go at our own pace
  • I learned how to type at a sixth grade level or higher
  • I liked how if we didn't know how to do something we could ask the person next to me


  • I liked how we could decide what we would do our trailer about
  • I learned the reason you would make a trailer for movie or book
  • I created a trailer about a guy who wants to go from your average kid and become a NFL player

Career Locker

  • In career locker you decide some jobs that you want to do
  • I learned that as a professional athlete you need to have a backup plan because you might not become a professional athlete
  • You can choose as many jobs you want but you might not end up being right for any of the jobs you wanted

Haiku Deck

  • You create a presentation to show what your dream job is and why you want that job and some interesting facts about the job
  • What I created my presentation on was me wanting to become a professional football player and my backup job being a assault vehicle officer
  • I learned that its a little harder to present to a group than your family because you have to present your presentation to your whole class

Explain Everything

  • We created a presentation about a math problem and we had to show how to solve it and record our selves solving it
  • I learned that recording is a lot of trial and error
  • It was easy once you got used to it or had it all planned aout


  • In coding we practiced and learned how to code
  • I learned how a machine works and how to get it to do things
  • We made all kinds of things like games and paintings
That is what you will do in technology in 6th grade at Lineville.