Robert F Kennady Assasination

Bailey Myers

What happened

On June 6, 1968 RFK was shot by Sirhan Sirhan, A half Jordanian half Palestinian immigrant that was enraged by the fact Kennedy won the primary elections for president in South Dakota & Californian. As Kennedy walked through the Ambassador Hotel on June 6, he was faitily shot, he later twenty-six hours later. Sirhan Sirhan was convicted of the murder, and is now serving a life sentence. Sirhan's lawyers have released statements saying Sirhan was framed. The whole shooting was audio recorded by a news reporter, the aftermath was as well captured on film.

Critisism about kennady assasination.

When you examine and read the news article about the Robert kennady assassination, Which I have shown below, you can see that their isn't much Criticism other then cultural criticism. In the article its mostly just stating facts, but you can see in their wording and the way the article is written that their is cultural criticism from that time period.
Structuralist criticism Is used in the news paper article and is probably the biggest form of criticism tied to the RFK assassination. Other forms of criticism that apply are sociological and political, for obvious reasons.

Bias in RFK assasination

The bias in the news paper article and tied to the assassination is Media Bias, and Political bias. The assassination is looked at differently since it is a president, opposed to if it was a regular person. The media takes it way more seriously and in depth. The media made it out to be a huge deal- which it was. Although as they talked very much about the tragic death, they gave very little time for Sirhan to defend himself. Sirhan to this day says he was framed. The bias media leaves out Sirhans defense, but shows pictures of his diary, where he flat out says he wants Kennedy dead.