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Week of December 21, 2020

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A Little Advent Serenade

A Little Advent Serenade

Valeda House & VIP Viewing Packages

Thank you to our amazingly generous OLA families who have donated to support vulnerable moms and their babies who are being cared for at Valeda House through Catholic Social Services! We will share the total donations that our OLA community will be giving Catholic Social Services on Monday as that is the last day to donate and complete the green sheet as a thank you for your donations! All donations and green sheets are to be at school prior to 9:00am Monday December 21st. Thank you again for your donations.

We will be celebrating the families who will be receiving VIP Advent Viewing Packages at our Advent celebration Monday afternoon!

Thank you for participating in the beautiful partnership between Elk Island Catholic Schools and Catholic Social Services to serve those less fortunate. Thank you for spreading hope and Choosing Joy!
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The Seven Sacred Teachings

Our OLA School Community is embarking on a journey to learn about and apply the Seven Sacred Teachings. We are learning how they are truly in alignment with our Gospel values and how we as Catholics live our lives through Christ.

  • The Seven Sacred Teachings are values based on First Nations cultural tradition.

  • Almost all First Nation people follow the Seven Sacred Teachings as a way to know how to behave and treat others well.

  • These teachings reinforce the teachings of our Catholic faith and to people all over the world that are trying to live a good life.

Sacred Teaching: LOVE

3MK Explores the Globe

Where in the world is Mrs. Kowal? Should Mrs. Kowal one day head off on a secret vacation, her 3MK students will know exactly where to find her! Her love for tzatziki and the beaches tell us that her country of choice would be Greece and the detective sleuths that are the 3MK students would certainly narrow in on her with their new understanding of continents and countries!

In 3MK’s class this week the students deepened their understanding of continents and countries through a variety of learning activities and resources. Students explored and deepened their learning by rotating to different activities that reinforced and supported their classroom learning. They circulated through both independent and partner activities that gave them the opportunity to show what they already know about this topic while checking their understanding through classroom resources such as each other, the teacher, classroom maps, and a globe.

Mrs. Kowal incorporated a variety of ways to learn about the same concept! Activities such as this are thoughtfully and purposely planned so that all students are involved and successful in their learning!

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Who's Who @ OLA

Introducing you to the Team!

Each week we will highlight a few members of the OLA team who welcome OLA children to school and who are walking with them this school year!

Your children are in great hands!

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The students in 4P are Making Multiplication Meaningful!

A super lesson was delivered to the students in 4P where they were hard at work toward an understanding of multiplication of 2 digit by 1 digit numbers to solve problems. Mr. Persaud created an exceptional environment where the students in his class were engaged in their learning of the concept of multiplication. Students used their Chromebooks to assist with number selection to create equations to work on. This fun activity was followed by an interactive game of Who Wants to be a Millionaire as a review of the lesson taught. Fun times in 4P!

An Imposter in Music Class!

It's true! Can you find the Imposter?

In music class, the stage is set for students as they learn about time signatures and understand how beats are grouped together in a measure. They recall half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter rests and then create rhythm patterns to follow time signatures. A beautiful visual connect is made by symbolize the beats in each measure. Kids dig it! They learned how many beats are in measures of 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4!

Then the search begins. Children have two different problems at hand: There are time signatures that don't belong! There is an imposter on their individual work page, and a second imposter hidden in their colour group section on the table. When children have found the imposters, they are to hit the buzzer at their group table, and they get a voter card to write the name of the imposter! Once they have found the imposters in both places, an emergency meeting is called!

Music class was rockin' while they applied their learning!

When you ask your child, "What did you learn in class today?" Why it is they say "nothing?"

Here's the inside scoop...

When children are having fun,

they sometimes don't even know they are learning!

This week @ OLA

School Begins at 8:45am - Thank you for your help to ensure children arrive between 8:33am and 8:45am so they ease into their day. This helps to set them up for successful learning and growing.

Sunday, December 20 - 4th Sunday in Advent

Donations for Valeda House welcomed & VIP Viewing Packages available - Deadline Monday 9am

Monday, December 21

  • Cohort Advent Celebrations - Fourth Week of Advent!
  • Valeda House Donations due by 9:00am
  • VIP Viewing Packages Draw
  • Check out the night sky - Can you see the Star of Bethlehem?
  • Choosing Joy today!

Tuesday, December 22

  • Advent Virtual Prayers & Jesse Tree from our Chapel
  • A great day to learn and grow together!

December 23, 2020 - January 5, 2021

  • Christmas Break

December 25, 2020

  • Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

January 5, 2021

  • Check your email for January 6-8 Newsletter

January 6, 2021

  • OLA School Spirit Day - Pajama DAY!
  • At- Home Learning begins in your PJs! See you at your google meets!
  • It's a GREAT day to Choose Joy!

January 7, 2021

  • At-Home Learning continues
  • Looking forward to connecting with you at your google meets!
  • Let's Choose Joy together!

January 8, 2021

  • At-Home Learning continues
  • See you at your class' google meets!
  • It's Friday! A great day to Choose Joy!

January 11, 2021

  • OLA welcomes children back to school!


To see what is up and coming even further ahead, please visit our website calendar.

You can view our Kindergarten Calendar here.

For Successful At-Home Learning January 6-8, 2021

Your OLA Learning Team collaborated together to establish learning and growing priorities during at-home learning January 6, 7 and 8, 2021. Your child’s daily lessons and activities will integrate the following priorities and goals:

  • Our Catholic Faith

  • Connections with your child’s teachers and their classmates

  • Wellness through physical activity and music

  • Literacy

  • Healthy mix of offline and online learning activities

  • Numeracy

  • Joy

These three days include full-days of learning just as it is when children are at school. Thank you for noting these three days are therefore different from the emergency learning that occurred March to June 2020. For grades 1-4, each learning day will include two scheduled and expected google meets with one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Our Kindergarten students will have one scheduled and expected Google Meet in the morning of each day for each Kinder class, and an optional pop-in google Meet each afternoon (see Mrs. MacLean’s email for more information). Students and families have the flexibility of working on goals and objectives at any point in the day when not in google meets.

The schedule for these google meets is outlined below. This schedule is being shared with you today so you can plan for success when we return to at-home learning on January 6th. We encourage you to write this schedule on your calendar or post it on your fridge. The google meet schedule has been coordinated to the best of our ability to help families with multiple children, as we know access to technology and connectability may be “bumpy.”

On Wednesday and Thursday, January 6th and 7th, children are invited to participate in a music learning activity with Mrs. Lukie. Children have the choice to participate in virtual learning with Mrs. Lukie through a google meet, or choose to participate in their Fine Arts learning offline by completing the lessons as outlined by Mrs. Lukie. These optional music google meets are also outlined below.

Google Meet Schedules

Every Day Morning Connection Google Meets (January 6, 7 & 8):

  • 9:00am -- Grades 3 and 4
  • 9:30am -- Grades 1 & 2
  • 10:00am -- Monday/Wednesday Kindergarten Class
  • 10:45am -- Tuesday/Thursday Kindergarten Class

Every Day Afternoon Connection Google Meets (January 6, 7 & 8)

  • 1:00pm -- Grades 3 and 4
  • 1:30pm -- Grades 1 and 2

Optional Virtual Learning with Mrs. Lukie (Wednesday Jan. 6 & Thursday Jan. 7)

(if not attending the google meet, students are to complete the learning activities as outlined by Mrs. Lukie)

  • 10:30am -- 3MK + 3SK
  • 11:00am -- 1MW
  • 11:30am -- 1&2M + 2C
  • 12:30pm -- M/W + T/Th Kindergarten
  • 2:00pm -- 4E + 4P

Links for the google meets, along with all of the information needed for learning, will be located in your child’s google classroom. Should you have challenges accessing your child’s google classroom, please review the emails sent to you by your child’s teacher (thank you for checking your junk mail) and connect with your child, as several class communities use Google Classroom at school. Please feel free to connect with your child’s teacher should you still encounter challenges accessing google Classroom. The OLA office will remain open for phone connects and emails to assist you during at-home learning January 6th to 8th. OLA is scheduled to re-open to students for in-person learning on January 11, 2021. OLA will continue to follow the protocols as outlined in the EICS Re-Entry Plan.

Teachers will be available outside of the google meets listed above and are best reached by email. Teachers may organize small group meets, and/or drop-in meets to support student learning. Teachers will also share learning goal expectations through their google classroom when students are working offline.

Attendance will be taken twice per day (once for our Kindergarten students) at each of the google meets. During these google meets, children will connect with each other and their teacher as well as gain an understanding of the lessons for the day. The google meets will help set your child up for success, and help them successfully complete their learning tasks for the day. As with any learning day, thank you for emailing or using the Safe Arrival APP should your child be absent from learning. In-Class and In-Person learning is scheduled to begin on January 11 and we look forward to welcoming our OLA children back to the school!

Thank you for your help!

We have our shelves! Thanks to Mme Gravelle and Mrs. Bassett for their watchful eyes on facebook upcycling pages - we have our shelves!

We continue to welcome donations of:

  • Scrabble letter squares
  • Magnetic letters
  • Chalk board erasers
  • Complete Board Game sets
  • Decks of Cards
  • Puzzles

Thank you to the families who have already donated items! They are and will be well used!

Door Decorating @OLA

Theme: Christmas Carols

3SK Door

Kindergarten Door

3MK Door

And the Winners Are

Kindergarten and 4P!!

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Supports for At-Home Learning January 6-8, 2021

As we prepare for At-Home Learning January 6, 7 & 8 there are a few things you can help with to ensure your child experiences success:

  • What is Google Classroom? Click here to access a short Slide Show presentation about Google Classroom and how to access the Google Applications with Google Suite. Here is a PDF version of the slide how presentation.
  • Ensure you or your child has access to Google Classroom. Kindergarten to Grade 2 families have received emails from their teachers with instructions on how to access and log onto Google Classroom. Please connect with your child's teacher if you do not yet have access. Grade 3 and 4 parents, please ask your child to show you how they access their Google Classroom as they use it regularly in class.
  • Do you know your child's unique student ID that begins with a 6 and contains six digits. These six digits, plus are their EICS email address and login email: . Please reach out to your child's teacher if your child can't remember theirs or you cannot find the email that was sent to you with it.
  • Once you have access, here is a quick video on how to log into Google Classroom and other Google applications from a laptop or other device than a Chromebook.
  • As teachers post assignments, videos and information online for your child's learning,

    these videos, pictures or other instructional content shared with you are for instructional purposes only within your home and your child. These are not to be re-shared to other platforms or individuals. Your cooperation with regards to this is much appreciated!

  • When your child meets their class for their google meet, it may be advantageous to get the Grid View extension for Chrome so your child can see all of his/her classmates. It can be disabled at any time. For more information, please click here.

  • The OLA office will remain open for emails and phone connects to support you during at-home learning. Mrs. Heesing, Mrs. Kucy and Mme Gravelle are also available to connect with you during this time. Please email them or contact the OLA office and Mrs. Desaulniers will be happy to pass along your message.

  • Looking for fun things to do with your children, or fantastic music to play and sing along with? Check out Mrs. Lukie's Music Lab Web Page!

Stay tuned for more information

from your child's homeroom teacher

that will set us up well for

learning and growing together at home

January 6, 7 & 8.

Thank you for checking your junk mail.

1MW Google Meet with Parents

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First Communion and Reconciliation

If you would like your child to receive their First Communion this year and they have not yet celebrated their First Reconciliation, please contact the OLA Parish office at 780-998-3288 to make an appointment to meet with Father Kris.

First Eucharist Registration Form & First Eucharist Brochure

Information about registration for all sacrament preparation will be coming out in December. Registration for all sacrament preparation will occur in January.

3MK Working hard in the Classroom

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Aurora Donates to Valeda House

Aurora began a project in October because she wanted to help those without a home, so she decided to create paintings and sell them, with all donations going to Valeda House through Catholic Social Services. Valeda House helps vulnerable women and their young children get back on their feet and provide their children with hope filled lives.

Through Aurora's hard work and dedication, she donated $4800 to Catholic Social Services who joined us at OLA to graciously receive this gift of love and hope.

True Story: Open Hearts Hear God's Voice of Joy

When Aurora presented Mrs. Davies from Catholic Social Services with a special painting for Valeda House, she explained she wanted to connect it to a spirit animal and didn't quite know how. So she added sparkles to see what would happen. When she put the sparkles on the painting, the image that appeared was the footprint of a wolf. In the Seven Sacred Teachings, the wolf reminds us of humility. A virtue Mr. Davies experienced as he was truly humbled by Aurora's generous gift. When Mr. Davies gifted Aurora with a teddy bear of thanks that was purchased in Fort Saskatchewan, there was a name on the tag. When they all looked, the name on the bear was Aurora. God's heart was filled with joy!

Bravo Aurora!

Thank you for reminding us that,

young or old, big or small,

we can each make a difference!

Aurora and her mom Maya Nejman are joined by Aurora's teacher Miss Miller, Assistant Superintendent Mr. Paul Corrigan, OLA's Chaplain and Assistant Principal Mrs. Weller, OLA's Principal Mme Gravelle, Trustee Mr. Al Stewart, Superintendent Mr. Shawn Haggarty, Mr. Troy Davies and Mrs. Rachele Nelson from Catholic Social Services.

Quote of the Week

A student pulls her tooth out and says, “I pulled out my tooth because I want money”

School Fees

School fees have now been added to your PowerSchool ParentPortal and are now due. Payment can be made by debit or credit card by visiting your PowerSchool account.

If you require assistance signing into your account please call Mrs. Desaulniers at 780-998-3716 or email

Field trip: to date all field trips involving bussing are cancelled. Virtual field trips and walking trips may still occur. Once these have been finalized we will share the field trip fee for payment

All unpaid fees by March 1, 2021 may be sent to a collections agency.

4E & 4P Make Christmas Cards for Seniors

OLA School Council News

See you at our next meeting, on Tuesday, January 12th@ 7:00 pm.

Google Meet link will be shared with you that day.

Thank you for checking your email inbox or spam/junk folder.

To connect with your OLA School Council, please email

Meeting Minutes December 8

2019-2020 School Yearbooks

School Council has 10, 2019/2020 yearbooks for sale. They are $21.00 each. Please contact Mrs. Desaulniers to purchase one. 780-998-3716 or email

This could make a great Christmas present.

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Student Illness and your Child's Learning

If your child is home with these symptoms:

  • Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath or difficulty breathing, Runny Nose, Sore Throat, Chills Painful swallowing, Stuffy Nose, Headache, Muscle or joint aches, Feeling unwell, fatigue or severe exhaustion, Gastrointestinal symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or unexplained loss of appetite), Loss of sense of smell or taste, Conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye.

Please email Mrs. Desaulniers, and cc: your child's homeroom teacher to share what symptoms your child is experiencing as well as an approximate date for your child's return so we can plan for your child's learning and growing in Literacy and Numeracy while away.

Thank you for continuing to connect with us with your child's test results.

Updated Alberta Health Documents

Outside Fun!

Making Snow Angels.

Can you find Mme Gravelle?

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Looking Ahead...

January 6-8, 2021

  • Virtual Learning at Home

January 6, 2021

  • School Spirit Day - Pajama Day
  • OLA Virtual Team Meeting @ 2:19pm

January 11, 2021

  • In-Class Learning resumes

January 12, 2021

  • Virtual School Council Meeting 7:00 p.m.

January 18-22, 2021

  • Break the Rules Week - More information to follow

January 25-29, 2021

  • Adoration @OLA

January 29, 2021

  • In School PD Day - No School

February 3, 2021

  • School Spirit Day - Career Day
  • Early Dismissal - 2:19pm
  • Progress Reports available on PowerSchool

February 4 - 5, 2021

  • Teachers' Convention - No School
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Telus Internet for Good

In the current landscape of physical distancing, access to fast, reliable connectivity has never been more essential. TELUS Internet for Good helps low-income families stay connected, empowering youth to safely learn from home.

Please click here for more information.