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Loyola 10 Newsletter

Are you ready for this?

I sure hope so because so far we have had a fast paced 2 weeks together already but there is still lots to do! Every Monday I will do my best to send out a weekly newsletter highlighting the fun events on our floor!


Big 3 Committee

Many of you have already met Josie the new chair of the Big 3 Committee at our 2nd floor meeting this past week. For the rest of the year ALL the Big 3 committee meetings will be held in our floor lounge, which is great if you want to get involved!

The Big 3 committee team is about keeping Residence a healthy and safe environment; working on initiatives to bring mental health, sexual violence, and alcohol safety to the forefront.

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Game Night

Starting at 7pm in the floor lounge! There will be board games, trivia and card games and card games to choose from. There a variety of games available at the Residence Office so make sure to cast your vote on which 3 games we should borrow for Friday.
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Make sure to get your daily dose of CUTE HEDGEHOGS by watching the video below!

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