TMHS Weekly Update

March 23, 2020

While School is out...

We want you to know that we miss our TMHS community. Your energy, smiles, constant chatter and learning attitudes are not here. Schools are to be filled with students not with empty corridors, classrooms and cafeterias. However, circumstances out of our control have determined that our schools are to be void of people who make them communities and places of learning. A college president wrote the following last week to his community, "Our students, even when they are not everyone on campus...will keep us alive. They will drive the show; they will show us the way. It may be a distant day, but it will come again when they are “hovering about us.” We believe this to be true. We RISE at TMHS!

We will share updates regularly with you in hopes of keeping our community connected. Please take care of yourselves, your neighbors and families. Below we have included information about enrichment resources, school events, athletics and general resources related to the pandemic.

With hope,

The TMHS Faculty and Staff

School Events Update

Here is the link to the email that was sent on March 20th concerning the status of school events.

MIAA Spring Sports Update

After much discussion, the MIAA BOD decided to delay the start of the 2020 spring season to March 30, 2020. Respecting the fluidity of this situation, this decision will be revisited prior to March 30.

In deference to the social distancing initiative, team captains should not organize teammates for practice. Students are reminded to not come to the schools during this school closure.

TMHS Daily Enrichment Schedule

Below is a link to a suggested schedule for high school students. Remember to choose your battles with your teenagers when it comes to a schedule.

AP Exams Information

This is the most up to date information we have concerning Advanced Placement exams.

Grab and Go Lunch

A Grab and Go Lunch plan has been established for all students in the district.

Please see attached link for this Grab and Go Student Lunch Option