Quit holding on! Make that change!

with Rebecca Gordon and Johanna Derbolowsky

Are you going through change in your life right now?

Tune in to this discussion to discover more about the principles of self-management to support you through the transition.

Discussion Points:

· The choices you have when experiencing change.

· Techniques on how to shift limiting thought patterns.

· Processes to support cell regeneration.

· Drawing strength from life's transitions.

· The importance of self-forgiveness in the transformation process.

Reflect on these questions then claim your free follow through coaching session:

  • What are you risking by not making the changes that need to happen?
  • What’s another choice you could make for a perceived negative situation to become an opportunity?
  • What is the joy to discover on your journey of change?

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Quit holding on! Make that change! by Satellitelifecoaching

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