The Board Brief

February 18, 2021

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This edition of The Board Brief is a summary of the information presented and actions taken at the Board of Education Meeting on February 18, 2021.



New Administrators Appointed; Additional Personnel Items Approved

On Thursday, February 18, Board members approved the appointments of various administrators. The following appointments were approved:

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Dr. Cleveland Johnson, III, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

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LaShun Crawford, Principal, Union Elementary School

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Dr. Arrika Tunstell, Principal, Veterans Elementary School

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Dr. LaChendra Dupree, Principal, Miller Magnet Middle School

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Michael Scott, Assistant Principal, Rutland High School

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Dr. Mack Bullard, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, was named the Twiggs County Superintendent Finalist tonight. Congratulations!

To view all personnel items approved by Board members on Thursday, click here.

Board Accepts Audit of District Financial Statements for FY 2020

On Thursday, February 18, Board members voted to accept the audit of the financial statements for the Bibb County School District for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020, as presented by the firm of Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC. For more information or to view the presentation, click here.

Board Authorizes Supplemental Pay for Teachers, Staff

On Thursday, February 18, Board members voted to approve a $1,000 supplement to all employees who meet the state funding requirements and all employees meeting similar District requirements. Funding will be from a state grant using funds from the Governor’s Office and from federal Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) CARES II funds for school-based personnel, and from the District’s federal CARES II funds for non-school based personnel. These payments to employees will be made as soon as possible following the release of state funding.

As a part of his January 2021 State of the State address, Gov. Brian Kemp announced a plan to give all public school and school-level staff a one-time supplemental payment of $1,000. These payments are intended for staff including teachers, paraprofessionals, school counselors, school psychologists, school nurses, custodians, bus drivers, school nutrition staff, media specialists, clerical staff and administrative assistants, school principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches and therapists, among others. Substitutes have been determined to be ineligible by the state for receiving this bonus as they are considered contracted services; however, long-term substitutes in place at schools this year will be eligible for the supplemental pay from the District.

The District wishes also to recognize the extraordinary work of all staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board’s approval to utilize a portion of Bibb County School District CARES II funding will allow the District to make this payment to those staff members not covered by the state-funded grant. For more information, click here.

Board OKs Network Upgrade to 10G for Six Schools

On Thursday, February 18, Board members voted to approve a network upgrade at six schools to include cabling and switch hardware. This project includes replacing, relocating and reconfiguring electronics; running network cable; labeling the switches/drops; certifying completed installation; and removal of old cabling and trash. The six schools are Williams Elementary School, Ingram-Pye Elementary School, Appling Middle School, Elam Alexander Academy, SOAR Academy and Hutchings College and Career Academy. For more information, click here.

Board Approves Thompson Stadium Sports Turf Installation

On Thursday, February 18, Board members voted to approve a new synthetic turf athletic field at Harry Thompson Stadium. Sports Turf Co. provided the installation of the synthetic field at the Ed DeFore Sports Complex football field and the existing synthetic track at Thompson Stadium. The upgrades will be paid for through 2021 Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (ESPLOST) funds. For more information, click here.

Also, Board members received an update on the conceptual plan and project description for upgrades to Harry Thompson Stadium. As part of the 2021 ESPLOST, the Board of Education approved upgrades to Thompson Stadium. Based on construction schedules and anticipated collections, the improvements will be performed in two phases. Phase I will include a new synthetic turf field. Additionally, improvements will include new video scoreboards; LED sports lighting package; expanded seating capacity (1,500 additional); additional parking (approximately 572 spaces); new high jump; new discus and shotput; new bus parking; new ticket booth; and upgrades to existing fieldhouse. In Phase II, upgrades will include a new concessions plaza and modifications of existing plaza; additional parking and modifications to existing lots; new entry and exit lanes; and new identification signage. For more information, click here.

Board Approves Expenditure for Off-site Freezer Storage

On Thursday, February 18, Board members approved an off-site freezer storage for Fiscal Year (FY) 2021. School Nutrition uses Lineage Freezer Storage of Macon as a back-up facility to store USDA direct shipment deliveries. For more information, click here.

Board Reviews Policies

Board members reviewed various policies for first or second reading on February 18. Policies must be read twice before they may be voted on for final action. To review the policies, click here.

· PR-1 Revision of Policy AB – School Board Legal Status (ACTION – Second Reading)

· PR-2 Revision of Policy ABCA – Number of Board Members (ACTION – Second Reading)

· PR-3 Revision of Policy ABCDA – Board Member Un-Expired Term Fulfillment (ACTION – Second Reading)

· PR-4 Revision of Policy BDF – Review of Administrative Rules (ACTION – Second Reading)

· PR-5 Revision of Policy BDG – Administration in Policy Absence (ACTION – Second Reading)

· PR-6 Revision of Policy GBA – Professional Personnel Compensations Guides and Contracts (ACTION – Second Reading)

· PR-7 New Policy IFCD – School Volunteers (INFORMATION – First Reading)

· PR-8 Revision of Policy JGF – Student Safety (INFORMATION – First Reading)

· PR-9 Revision of Policy JGF(2) – Seclusion or Restraint of Students (INFORMATION – First Reading)

· PR-10 Revision of Policy JGFG – Student Accidents (INFORMATION – First Reading)

· PR-11 Revision of Policy JGJ – Crisis Intervention (INFORMATION – First Reading)

· PR-12 Revision of Policy JKB – Solicitations by Students (INFORMATION – First Reading)

Stakeholders are encouraged to review policies posted after first reading and make public comment via Simbli before the proposed policies are brought back before the Board for action the following month. Simbli may be accessed through the District’s website,, under “About Us” and “Simbli.” On Simbli, “Pending Policies” will appear on the right side of the screen.


District Installs Devices to Filter, Purify Air in Buildings

On Thursday, February 18, Board members received a presentation on Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization and the implementation of the patented technology in District schools and buildings. Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization uses an electronic charge to create a plasma field filled with a high concentration of + and - ions. As these ions travel through the air, they attach to particles and harmful pathogens, killing the pathogens by robbing them of life-sustaining hydrogen. Independent testing by CDC Affiliate Labs confirms that GPS ionization systems have kill rates as high as 99.9% of various pathogens and mold spores, including SARS-CoV-2. To view the presentation, click here.

Board Receives Update on Targeted Remediation for Reading

On Thursday, February 18, Board members reviewed a presentation regarding the District’s targeted remediation for reading. The presentation included comprehensive intervention techniques and programs to improve student reading ability, which aligns with the District’s first strategic priority of getting students reading on grade level. For more information or to view the presentation, click here.

Board Informed of ESPLOST Oversight Committee Changes

Due to changes in Board members, eligibility of committee members and resignations of committee members, only four (4) of the nine (9) previous members are eligible for re- appointment to the Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (ESPLOST) Oversight Committee. New committee members will need to be appointed by their respective Board members and one (1) Board liaison will need to be appointed by the Board President. The ESPLOST Oversight Committee will be placed on the agenda for the 2021 Board Retreat in March to solicit guidance and input regarding the next steps for the committee and appointed positions. For more information, click here.

Board Updated on Second Semester Extracurricular Activities

Second semester school extracurricular activities within the areas of Athletics and Fine Arts will continue to be decided on a school-by-school basis dependent on student interest, participation and under the established COVID-19 guidance. In Athletics, high school sports are in full swing and middle school fall sports (football and volleyball) will be played up until Spring Break. Also, the annual District Student Art Show featuring each art program will be available for viewing at The 567 Center for Renewal during the month of March. For more information, click here.

School Zone Speed Limit Violations Proposed

On Thursday, February 18, Board members were informed that the Macon-Bibb County Government and Mayor Lester Miller are interested in partnering with the District to create a civil collection recovery process to deter drivers from exceeding the speed limit in school zones. District staff met with Mayor Miller and other governmental officials in January to discuss a civil collection recovery process for individuals who exceed the posted speed limit in school zones. The recovery process must be approved by the Georgia Department of Transportation based on the presentation by Mayor Miller. If approved, the initial phase will consist of installing equipment to catch speeding drivers around the District’s middle and high schools. The addition of the speed zones around elementary and other specialty program buildings will depend on evaluation of the initial phase and its success.

The option to place equipment in school zones to catch speeding drivers is allowed by Georgia House Bill 978, which was passed into law during the 2018 legislative session. Fines for first time violators are approximately $75. The fines will increase for subsequent violations. For more information, click here.

Bibb County Teacher of the Year Celebration to be Virtual

Due to COVID-19, the Bibb County School District Teacher of the Year Celebration will be held virtually. While the event will be virtual, there will be no less celebration. There will be pre-recorded elements, including the Teacher Awards Presentation by the Superintendent. As part of these pre-recorded segments, Teachers of the Year will have an opportunity to walk the stage as their name is called and be presented with a plaque by the Superintendent.

On Wednesday, March 17, the District will broadcast the Bibb County Teacher of the Year Celebration at 1 p.m. Teacher of the Year recognition gifts will be delivered to schools that morning as schools prepare for the celebration. The video will be saved to and it will be available to view any time after the event. For more information, click here.

Board Reviews Monthly Financial Report

On Thursday, February 18, Board members reviewed the District’s monthly financial report. For more information, click here.

Board Receives Presentation from Capital Improvement Program

On Thursday, February 18, Board members received a presentation in regards to the 2011 and 2016 Capital Improvement Program, including information on expenditures and encumbrances. For more information, click here.

Board Reviews Investments, Investment Income and Bonds Report

On Thursday, February 18, Board members reviewed a presentation about the Investments and Investment Income report as well as the monthly Bond report associated with 2020 project accounts. For more information, click here.

Highlights and Recognition

Vineville Academy Receives School Bell Award

The Board recognized the art department at Vineville Academy of the Arts for winning a School Bell Award from the Georgia Association of Elementary School Principals. This marks Vineville's fifth year in a row winning a School Bell Award, which recognizes innovative educational programs. The following art students were also recognized: Naveah Brooks, Elijah Hanson, Andrew Hanson, Sawyer Hawkins, Nashe Kuo, Adelaide Kuo, Loie Mote, Karen Osornio, Zuri Taylor, Quincy Wilmore, Cordelia Vanderhoek and Dulcie Vanderhoek.

Communications Department Recognized for Awards

The District’s Communications Department, which includes director Stephanie Hartley as well as Kimberly Pelt, Hannah Theus and Jeremy Timmerman, recently received several awards from the Georgia School Public Relations Association (GSPRA). GSPRA awarded the District in the following categories:

· Image/Identity Package – Northeast Zone Logos (Best in Category & Gold Award)

· Newsletter/Newsmagazine – District Download (Silver Award)

· Special Event – Alfa Insurance Bibb vs. Houson All-Star Game (Silver Award)

· Videography/Electronic Media – Teacher Recruitment Video (Silver Award)

· Social Media – BCSD Facebook (Silver Award)

· Photography – Lane Elementary Celebration (Bronze Award)

Marketing Campaign – Don’t Be Late; You’ll Miss Something Great (Bronze Award)

The Bibb County Board of Education will meet for a Budget Work Session on March 16, 2021. The next monthly meeting of the Bibb County Board of Education will be held on March 18, 2021.

For more information, click here.