Beginning Orchestra

Oct 13th 2016

New Music, Practice Records, & Bow Holds

This week beginning orchestra got two new pages of music, that will help them practice reading notes on the staff. Each page focuses on a certain type of rhythm, slowly introducing the open strings. Students will be getting tapes on their instruments that will show them where to place their fingers on the strings, similar to the way frets on a guitar.

It is important to practice the new concepts each night so they reinforce what we learn in class and build a solid foundation of knowledge. Aim for 5-20 min a night minimum, 60 min for the week will earn your student a star.

Sticker Songs

Now that beginning orchestra has their first pages of music I will start the sticker song of the week. We will pick one song from the music they are practicing at for the week and in class I will place stickers on the music for students playing correct notes and rhythms.
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