Hello Students!

Happy Thursday!

Your job today...

is to find out more about minerals. Use an FQR chart to record your notes as you read. Remember to pull out the most important facts, to ask questions that will lead to deeper understanding, and to respond to what you read - making connections, indicating surprise, etc. You'll be learning directly from geologists in the field today! Along the way I will have some activities for you to do in your journal. Do your best always. I love you.

Mrs. Lord

Minerals vs. Rocks

We learned about the difference between rocks and minerals yesterday. Talk with your partner. What defines a rock? What is a mineral?

Study Jams: Minerals

You next task is to click on the link below. It will take you to a slideshow about minerals. To start the slideshow click the green circle that says "Slide Show." You'll get to see some minerals up close and read more about them. Be sure to read the text at the bottom of each slide! That is where you'll get your information! Don't forget your FQR chart!

Minerals in North Carolina

Check out some of the minerals found in our great state! North Carolina is a very important state in mineral production. After looking at the pictures below and reading their captions, click on the link below them. This link will take you to a short audio file. Listen carefully about how minerals in North Carolina. Make sure to include notes on your FQR chart.
What counties were mentioned in the audio file? Can you find them on the map?

North Carolina State Rock

What is North Carolina's State Rock? When was it designated, or selected? Read the links below to find out! Be sure to fill out your FQR.

Good work today, young geologists!