Rodan + Fields

News From Consultant, Wendy Zippwald

Why I joined the Doctor Team of Rodan and Fields...

An Opportunity Not to be Missed!

Join me in 2016! Rodan + Fields is so much more to me than skincare. I have absolutely loved catching up with old friends, building new friendships, challenging myself, and earning some extra cash along the way so far! I would not ask anyone to team up with me unless I didn't really believe that there was huge income potential coming this year with the company. Last year they expanded into Canada...know anyone up there??? This year they are opening in Australia. This company is still growing at an exponential rate. Why not hop on now...I wish I did three years ago. Contact me for more details!

Here are some quick reasons you might consider it:
1. Like I said...Leverage our Global Expansion ~ join now so you're ready for our expansion into Australia in 2016!

2. No home parties needed...just wi-fi.

3. Low start up cost...based on the kit you choose.

4. No inventory...all orders done online and shipped from the company.

5. Be your own CEO:)

6. Income is limitless...from a "shoe" fund to a 6-figure income (this is no joke, I have friends who are doing so!) You put in the time that matches the income you want to see.