Mr. Tonagel's Weekly Memo

Week of Oct. 10- A Special PSAT Edition

What is the PSAT?

The PSAT is a comprehensive assessment that measures necessary skills and knowledge for college and career readiness and success. LPCSC is administering the PSAT grades 8-11. The PSAT 8/9 is a different test than the PSAT 10, but it is on the same scale score. The scale allows students to know how they would scored on the SAT.

Why the PSAT?

Our staff is hitting it out of the park in emphasizing college and career readiness. I see a ton of momentum. The PSAT plays an important part in preparing students for their future because of its alignment to instruction. Having a common assessment in grades 8-12 will allow the school to systematically measure college and career readiness regularly. “Benchmarking” will help the student (and school) track college and career readiness.

How are we using the PSAT results?

Although there is still room to improve so that we are fully using the results, we are making progress in these areas:

  • Results from the PSAT help students meet criteria to be exempt from 11th grade Accuplacer test.
  • Results from the PSAT provide the school (classroom teachers) with information on student skill and knowledge needs.
  • Results from the PSAT provide students with information on how to prepare for the PSAT and SAT. Students can see their score reports for strengths and weaknesses and what was wrong and why.
  • Results from the PSAT provide students with tools to plan for a career.
  • Results from the PSAT provide students with scholarship opportunities. Besides the NMSQT, there are additional scholarship opportunities for students. LPHS will have a National Merit student in the future!
  • Results from the PSAT help students and the school show college and career readiness growth. Currently the ISTEP+ isn't helping.
  • Results from the PSAT help students and the school increase AP participation. AP Potential is the data we are using to identify students who need to be challenged.
  • Results from the PSAT help the school track student growth goals Grades 8-12.
  • Results from the PSAT are being used to qualify students for appropriate scheduling.

Student Growth Goals

As a school we have set the goals of 100% of students demonstrating annual growth. The PSAT gives us a common assessment in grades 8-12 that will systematically measure CCR growth throughout each year of school. This "benchmarking" aligns with the district's Core Team goals.

This Applies to All Content Areas, Not Just Math and English/LA

In addition to Reading, Writing, and Math the PSAT includes cross test scores in History/Social Studies and Science. The content area scores tell how well students analyze in the subject areas (higher level thinking and literacy) . The cross test scores come from select questions that ask students to think about text, charts, and problems in these subject areas. The more our students practice these skills in EVERY classroom the better they will do on the PSAT.
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PSAT Staffing Assignments

Here is an update on changes in staff assignment for PSAT day:

  • Hoke's home room will report to 1.14 and Salyer will administer the PSAT
  • Marlene Brown's home room will report to 1.12 and Hamilton will administer the PSAT
  • Coe's home room will report to 1.27 and White and Coe will administer the PSAT
  • Sullivan's home room will report to 1.26 and Mount and Sullivan will administer the PSAT

PSAT Preregistration Day Oct. 18

On Oct. 18 school will run on a 1-hour delay schedule following the normal start time. Grades 9-11 will report to their home rooms for PSAT registration at 7:35. Seniors report to the auditorium at 7:35 for a review of the Senior Capstone project and financial aid info. Homeroom begins at 7:35-8:29 followed by 1st hour. Please refer to the bell schedule that Mr. Upp sent out.

1. All staff (who have a 9th, 10th, or 11th home room) will pick up their PSAT materials in the office

2. 9th grade materials will be in the Principal's Conference Room

3. 10th and 11th grade materials will be in the Guidance Conference Room

4. Very clear instructions will be provided with the materials

5. The Counseling staff and Administrative staff will pick the PREREGISTRATION materials up from your room

Schedule Oct. 19

Students in grades 9-11 will report to their HR on 10.19. Seniors have this day for their capstone so they should be "checking in" online after completing points for their project; they shouldn't be in the building. The schedule for 10.19 was sent out and with some passing periods basically has time for PSAT, lunch, 1st, and 2nd hour.

What are Seniors doing Oct. 18 & 19?

10.18 Seniors will report to the auditorium for capstone and financial aid information during homeroom. Senior HR teachers are needed in the auditorium to assist with supervision.

10.19 Seniors will have completed point for their capstone projects. On the 19th they simply have to check in for online attendance.