5 Apps to Enhance mLearning

In a K-12 School Setting


Toontastic is a wonderful app that allows students to create their very own cartoon. You can design your setting and your characters, or choose from some of the stock characters and settings that already exist on the app! From there, you move your characters to animate the cartoon, and tell your story into the microphone of your computer. You can even use your own face on one of the characters!

This would be really fun to use in an elementary school setting (most likely in grades 4-6), in an English language arts class, Social Studies, or in a second language class. It would give students a fun and creative way of demonstrating their knowledge of the topic at hand, create a fun presentation for their teacher/peers, and they would also have a presentation that they could re-watch as preparation for quizzes, exams, etc.

Recommended Grade Levels: 4-6

Video Tutorial: Toontastic

Bunsella Bedtime Stories

Bunsella Bedtime Stories is an app that allows students to create and narrate their own stories. You can use the previously uploaded claymation-like characters, or upload photos of your own to illustrate your story.

This could prove beneficial in a Junior High setting, as it is presented as a bit less-childish than, for example, Toontastic. Students could use this in an English class, a second language class, a science class, a social studies class, or even a drama class! This app would prove an excellent way for students to demonstrate their knowledge on a topic or make a presentation for their fellow classmates!

Recommended Grade Levels: 7-9

Journal Jar

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Journal Jar is an app that provides students with journal/writing prompts. Upon opening the app, students are given the option to "Shake the Jar", thus creating a new journal prompt at the top of the page.

This would be useful in an Elementary or early Junior High setting in an English class, or in a High School setting in a second language class, as the journal prompts are very simple. Journal Jar is an excellent and simple way to get students writing, and get them engaged. It would also be interesting for their teacher to read their responses, because if students were "Shaking the Jar" on their individual devices, each student would potentially be given a different prompt. That being said, the teacher could also choose to "Shake the Jar" for the entire class to create the same writing prompt for each student.

Recommended Grade Levels: ELA Grades 2-7. Second Language Classes Grades 8-11


Pocket is an app that allows its user to add articles, websites, readings, videos, etc. into a "pocket" to save them for later.

This could be useful in a High School setting for a few different reasons. One reason is that if a student was writing a research paper, this app allows them to gather and organize all of their resources into one place for re-reading or re-looking at at a later time. Another reason is that it would be useful for the teacher because it allows them to gather classroom materials and teaching materials and save them to a singular location to bring up to their class later.

BONUS: when you save something into your pocket, you do NOT need an internet connection to go back and look at it!

Recommended Grade Levels: 10-12


Duolingo is a really cool app that allows its user to learn new languages! You can select any language to learn, everything from French to Welsh! Students simply select the language they want to learn, and they are then provided with translation tools, topics such as phrases, food, animals, etc. to work on, and quizzes to track their progress! Students can also choose to set goals for themselves on how often they would like to spend on the app, working on their language of choice.

This could prove beneficial in a late Junior High, or High School setting in a second language class. It is a fun way for students to enhance their learning of a second language, practice for quizzes and tests, and track their personal progress.

Recommended Grade Levels: 8-12