Mosaica Online Happenings

September 23-27 2013

Upcoming Dates to Remember

  • Tuesday, September 24th: Online Paragon Night
  • Thursday, September 26th: K-5 Advisement @ 10:00am Eastern
  • Friday, September 27th: 6-12 Advisement @ 2:30 pm Eastern
  • **Beginning August 28th, all adjunct teachers must submit invoices to Brenda McCullers on the 14th and 28th of the month**

Staff Spotlight- Emily Alley

I was born and raised in Casper, Wyoming and moved to Honolulu, Hawaii after graduating high school to attend the University of Hawaii. Of course that was quite a shock for my mom, since I was following a cute Navy sailor there. :) Jeremy and I were married in 2001 on a secluded beach in Hawaii and began our journey through the Navy there. He was stationed on the USS Chicago as an ELT (Engineering Lab Technician), and we were blessed to do a lot of traveling while we lived in such a beautiful area. Unfortunately, the temptation to spend my days at the beach sometimes outweighed my desire to attend class, so I took a break from school for a bit after two years at the university.

After getting accepted to the Navy's officer commissioning program, Jeremy and I moved to Alabama in 2003 to attend Auburn University. I'd never been to the South before moving to Alabama, but those three years were truly some of the best of my life, and now we have a very special place in our hearts for Alabama as it's "home" to us. I graduated in December 2005 with my degree in Secondary Language Arts Education, and our perfectly timed son, Noah (7), was born two weeks later on New Year's Eve. Jeremy graduated with his degree in Chemical Engineering, and then we were off to Charleston for the next adventure.

We've been in Kingsland, Georgia for almost six years while Jeremy has been stationed on the USS Georgia and now as the tactics officer at Trident Training Facility. During our time here, we've had another son, Luke (16 months), and I taught at Camden County High School from 2008-2013. I swore I was leaving the profession to become a Christian Marriage and Family Therapist, but the door to Mosaica was opened to me before I left my job, and now here I am. Teaching is truly a passion of mine, and I was crazy to think I could live my life without doing so!

In just three weeks we are headed to Connecticut where Jeremy will be in a six month training program before becoming a department head officer on another submarine somewhere out there in the deep blue sea, which will mean another move in May! I'm so thankful to have found a job that allows for the flexibility I need in order to be home for my two boys while my husband is gone so much. I've been truly blessed, and I look forward to great things with Mosaica!

Thank you Emily for all that you do!

Mosaica Sunshine!

*Please keep Hadar Goldberg in your thoughts as her sweet little boy is recovering from being very sick this week.

*As always, please keep Barbara Noel-Williams in your thoughts- she is a WARRIOR in her fight against cancer!!!!

Let me know of any concerns or celebrations within our Mosaica Online family!

Mosaica Online Enrichment Days

Stay tuned for details on our next Enrichment Day - October 24th

Club Corner

We are excited about our clubs for the 2013-2014 school year!

Art Club - led by Elizabeth Kamper

Book Club - led by Allie Byrne (ES), & Emily Alley (MS & HS)

Cooking Club - led by Allie Byrne

Enrollment in Clubs will begin this week!


Teachers, please make sure that you have submitted your August PowerSchool attendance for California and Colorado. Please notify your IC when this is complete! Also remember to call the parents of any students who have D or F averages in your classes. Document all communication in the seating chart. Last, please remember to submit students who are truant using the truancy form under the Staff Links widget on the My Home page of the learning environment. Have a great weekend!

Non Charter Mosaica Online Locations:

Besides our students in AZ, CA, CO, MI, & OH we are serving students in many other locations....

We are up to 193 "special" students - those students who are enrolled in one of more classes with Mosaica Online who are not part of our state online charters. Middle and high school teachers, thank you so much for your help in getting these students started this week and last.

Our special students generally do not match our Mosaica Online holiday schedule, so please note days your students will not be in session.

September Holidays for our Special Friends:

  • Foundation Academy of Mansfield - September 27 - Professional Development Day

  • Arts & Technology Academy of Pontiac - September 27 - Professional Development Day
  • Muskegon Heights - September 25 - Professional Development Day

Your student contact information and full school calendars are on your Mosaica Online home page. Paula and Maria are happy to help, when needed so just yell

Quick reminder - Monday morning in Hyderabad is Sunday night ET. Be sure assignments are ready for these students by Sunday afternoon, please.

Data Discussion...

Online Paragon Nights!

Here are the dates for our Online Paragon Nights for the 2013-2014 school year!

September 24
November 19
January 14
March 11
May 27

And last but not least..... Your joke of the week

A math joke...

Q: If there are ten cats in a boat and one jumps out, how many are left?

A: None, they were all copycats!