Aristotle, Carl Linneaus

Binomial Nomenclature


Aristotle was the first person to attempt to classify living organisms. Aristotle's classification system is found in his book 'History of Animals.' His methodology was based on criteria such as reproduction, whether they the organism had blood or not, whether they lived on land or in water, etc.

What is Binomial Nomenclature?

Binomial nomenclature is how species are named. As the word "binomial" suggests, the name of a species is made of two parts: one indicating the genus and one indicating the species. Binomial nomenclature means "two-part name" or "system of two-part names".

Carl Linneaus

Carl linneaus created a classification system called Binomial Nomenclature. His classification system has seven levels of classification.He was the first to develop a system of classifying living organisms by species, groups, classes, orders, and so on. He wrote many books on his work.He was the first person to lay down the principles to determine the natural genera and species of organisms, and to form a uniform system for naming them.

How to work Binomial Nomenclature

Binomial Nomenclature is a system of naming all organisms within this organization system. Each organism is identified by two names: its genus and its species. Binomial nomenclature has been in use since the 1700s. All assigned names are either Greek or Latin.
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What is Taxonomy?

Taxonomy is the study of scientific classification, in particular the classification of living organisms according to their natural relationships. Taxonomy's first father was Aristotle. Aristotle first introduced the two key concepts of taxonomy as we practice it today: classification of oranisms by type and binomial definition.