Gw Hillard

Where is Slovakia at?

Slovakia is located in Central Europe. It has Poland on the top,Ukraine on the East,Hungary on the South,and Austria and the Czech Republic on the West. The Capital of Slovakia is Bratislava

What are the flag colors?

The main colors of Slovakia's flag are Red, White, and Blue.


the set was 5,455,407 in 2004.

Other cool stuff I found

  • Part of the EU
  • Hitler took over there

Interesting places to go to

the Danubian Lowlands of Slovakia may be a interesting place to go, along with High Tatras. Only 10 people have climbed Gerlachovsky Stit, with a highest Peak record of 8,711 Foot (2,655 Meters) for Slovakia!

General Facts

  • Attacked by another Country in 1912
  • Have Folk type music