Grobe's Groovin' Group News

August 26th-30th

Welcome to 4th Grade!

I am so excited to start your journey through 4th grade together with you and your precious child! I can't wait to get to know each of you better and to form lifelong relationships! I wanted to first introduce myself and explain my expectations for the year! This is the first of my weekly newsletters that you will receive. This is my way of communicating what is happening in my class and the school, and a great way for me to share photos too!

4th Grade Teachers

From left to right:

Jen Dickinson, Samantha Martellaro, Laura Kammerer, Krystina Ticehurst, Destine' Grobe, Alyson Flint

Meet Mrs. Grobe

I am once again excited to be a Mighty Maverick at McGowen! I have been in the McKinney Independent School district for 3 years and this is my 2nd year at McGowen. I graduated with top honors from LeTourneau Christian University, in East Texas, where I also minored in English. So as you can imagine, I LOVE reading and writing and couldn't be more excited about teaching those subjects again this year!

Over the summer, I had the honor of being asked to write the social studies curriculum for our district, with a few other teachers! It was so awesome to see my ideas come to life and published for other teachers to use at MISD. I can't wait to dive into those lessons and also teach that subject too!

Just as this is my 2nd year as a Maverick, it is also my daughter's 2nd year! Madyson is a 3rd grader this year and she couldn't be more excited about continuing her journey here! I want you to know that FIRST AND FOREMOST I am a mother! I want you to feel comfortable in approaching me with questions, concerns, or comments about your precious child! As a parent, I know how important it is to have a great relationship with your child's teacher and to feel confident that your child's needs are taken care of! So please do not hesitate to talk to me! I want to be his/ her's biggest supporter and advocate, and together we can guide them to success!

To learn more about me, please feel free to check out my website and click on the "About Mrs. Grobe's" tab!

Higher 4th Grade Expectations

Each year the biggest questions/ comments I get are, "What should we expect as a 4th grader or parent of a 4th grader?" or "We didn't realize how much more rigorous 4th grade was going to be."! So, I thought I would start the year off with the 4th grade teachers' expectations to hopefully ease you and my students into the year without any surprises!

  • Weekly homework: Because 4th graders will have 2 teachers, your student will receive a combined homework assignment, from each teacher, on Friday of each week. This homework assignment will contain both English/ Language Art and Math components in one! The students will have until Thursday of the following week to complete this assignment and turn it in. We know how busy your children are with extra curricular activities, church, etc- so we have decided to allow your children SEVERAL days to complete homework. And don't worry if you are in ALPHA- your homework assignment will be abbreviated to fit your ALPHA schedule!
  • Reading Expectations: In 4th grade, reading, completing, and then sharing your thoughts about novels is one of our main focus goals! To uphold that standard, each student will be required to read one novel a month. There will be time provided each week for silent reading during class- but reading will also have to be conducted outside of the school to complete this task. At the end of the month, each student will prepare a presentation to persuade other students to also read that novel. The student can use any means available to present the book (PowerPoint, video, Animoto, Poster, written speech, etc)
  • Following Classroom and School Guidelines: As a 4th grader, we hold our kiddos to very high expectations when it comes to following rules! We implement our procedures in a very explicit way and feel like once those procedures are put into place, ALL of our students should adhere to them! We do not take our rules and procedures lightly and want our students to set a great example for the other grade levels.
  • Snack Time: 4th grade has the latest lunch, at 12:45! YIKES! To help with our hungry bellies, we have designated a snack time each day at 9:15. We ask that the snack be healthy and able to be eaten with one hand so learning can still be the focus. Therefore, please refrain from bringing Little Debbie snacks, chips, pudding cups, etc. A water bottle with a push top lid with water is also acceptable throughout the day.
  • Communication: I provide many avenues of communication for my parents and students! The best way to keep up with what's happening in my classroom and in the school is through my newsletters! You will receive a weekly email containing the link to my newsletters and I also upload my newsletters to my website under the "Upcoming Events/ Reminders" weekly too!
  • Also, feel free to email me throughout the day. I try to stay on top of my email as best as possible, but please keep in mind that I'm not on my computer much during the day, so I might be emailing you back in the evening!
  • I will also be asking you to join my "Remind 101" group soon. This is a text messaging system that will send you important updates and reminders about my class. So please be looking for an email containing info on how to join my group.
  • This year I will be incorporating Twitter in my classroom as well. I will be giving my students an opportunity each day to tweet about what we learned. It will be a great way for you to follow our class and our learning! Follow our class by adding @MrsGrobe.
  • Planners: Your 4th grader will be given a planner on the first day of school. It is important that our students start learning self management skills so we are promoting this through our planners. It will also be our daily behavior communication with you! We are requiring parents to sign your child's planner each night.

Important Events and This Week's Objectives


Monday 19th:

  • First Day of School
  • Tears and Cheers- 7:45 am in the Library

Friday 30th:

  • Fund Raiser Kicks Off


Monday 2nd:

  • NO SCHOOL- Labor Day

Thursday 5th:

  • PTA Ice Cream Social @ 6:30

Learning Objectives:

This week I will.......


learn about the different genres.


complete the "All About Me" writing poster and start a writing workshop notebook.

Social Studies:

discuss maps and their functions.

Mrs. Grobe

Please also visit our class website for more information, photos, and fun!