Mr. King's Weekly Newsletter

Week of May 5th to May 6th of 2016

This week in 5th grade...

  • Mathematics-We are are continuing Chapter 10 on fractions. We will estimate sums and differences of Mixed numbers and add and subtract mixed numbers. We will take quiz 10-1 on Tuesday.
  • Science: Students will make and separate mixtures and solutions with different solid materials and water. We will weigh water and salt solutions. We will use evaporation to separate water and salt. We will also observe crystals formed from salt that remains from evaporated salt solutions.

  • Social Studies: Students will discuss the Tea Act and describe the Boston Tea Party. They will examine the moral and ethical dimensions of the Boston Tea Party. Students will write about their feelings and thoughts about the Boston Tea Party.

  • Reading: Students will share and discuss their ideas about dinosaurs and paleontology. They will discuss the difference between fact and opinion. They will also discuss the comprehension strategy of predicting and setting purpose when reading. Students will read the biography "The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins". Students will work with reading with correct expressions, tone, pace, and without errors. They will explain author's purpose, characters, settings, and plot for the Waterhouse Hawkins's story.

  • Writing: Students will be writing an Advertising brochure to promote the events of the Waterhouse Hawkins's exhibit. Students will write the brochure to promote and bring interest to the exhibit by creating an exciting and interest catching brochure. Final draft is due on Monday 5/9.

Next week...

  • Mathematics: We will continue with Chapter 10-Add and Subtract Fractions.
  • Science: Students will separate dry mixtures, saturation, and salt & citric-acid saturation.
  • Social Studies: Students will be declaring their support for the Loyalist or patriots and conducting a meeting to state and debate their position on independence and stating the town's position.
  • Reading: Students will read and talk about how artist use music to inspire others.
  • Writing: Students will write a description of music or unique sounds.

Important Dates

  • 5/8 Mother's Day
  • 5/9 No School-Professional Development Day
  • 5/16-5-20 CTP Testing
  • 5/27 Farmer's Market
  • 5/30 Memorial Day