Dallas Wold Aqaurium

Westley Inge

I woke up I got dressed and went to the car and were off. When we were on the road trip we played a lot of games like I spy and other games. It was about an hour tell we got there when we did we went right in. A little later we were looking at fish. Earlier I wished in my head that my brother was there on the road trip cause it was boring.

Later we looked at Clown fish,Trout,Salmon,Lion fish,Crabs,and Tuna. A little later we went to go eat I got a enchilada it was really good.Next we went to go look at the sharks.After that my mimi wanted to go see if the manatees were there. So we did we were looking down from the bars and we saw them.My mimi put her head up and felt something wet.She touched her head and a bird pooped on her head and then she wiped it off.

After that we went to look at more fish and we both started to get bored . Before we left we went to the elevator . After we got off we went to the gift shop.I asked my mimi to buy me something. When she did we left and went home we went to sit down.