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Student gets suspended for trying to eat at lunch

On September 9, a senior at Sky High High School, Molly Drift, was suspended for leaving the school to eat lunch. After her morning classes ended, Molly left school to go home and get a snack before her afternoon classes. Expectantly, the parking lot security caught her leaving the school. Her excuse was that she forgot her lunch and needed a snack from home. Why would she think she could leave the school to eat a snack? A school day is only seven hours long! The students are busy working all day, so they should have no thoughts or time to eat.
Her punishment for trying to eat was 2 days of suspension. All of the administrators agreed with the principles decision to band leaving the school to eat. One of the history teachers, Mark Titan, said, "The students shouldn't even be leaving to eat lunch at all. They should be able to last a whole school day with just a snack break in between." So, next time you leave your lunch at home forget about eating and just fight through the seven hour long school day!