Tech Tip

May 05, 2015

Google Classroom Updates-Sharing Classes

As we think forward to next year we have discussed how to streamline our processes, especially delivering design requirements to students. Google classroom has made some updates that I think might be helpful. The first is Inviting Instructors to share your class. Inviting instructors is easy and they have the same privileges and abilities to assign and grade assignments as you do. As a staff we could create a common class for the design project and share in the process of distributing assignments and providing feedback to students with all of the instructors involved. This could help students get feedback and information from instructors in various fields to help develop their project throughout the process.

Saving Drafts of Assignments

Google classroom now allows you to upload assignments and save them as a draft to post at a later date. For those of you who like to be organized and ahead of schedule you can save all of your files in your classroom and assign them when you are ready. This isn't as advanced as Edmodo which will post them at a set time, but still a nice feature.