Federal Trade Commission

Here to protect.

What We Do

At the FTC, we cooperate with international agencies and organizations to protect consumers in the global marketplace. If you are receiving calls from 800 services and you are on the do not call list, we are here to help. Our mission is to protect businesses and individals from unfair, deceptive, and fraudulent practices in the marketplace.

Important Facts

  • Established in 1914 after the Federal Trade Commission Act was passed.
  • Since 1914, the FTC has been amended numerous times, expanding legal responsibilities.
  • 3 bureaus of the FTC interpret and enforce jurisdictional legislation.
  • Has made many hundreds of rules governing business behavior.
  • Instituted the National Do Not Call Registry in 2003.

Stay Connected!

Our goal as an agency of the government is to connect with citizens and effectively protect them against harmful and unjust products and services.