December News

Team "I'm Possible"

Merry Christmas to all!

What a magical month! First of all, a very merry Christmas to each one of you and yours! I meant to send out Christmas cards to you all but the last of my 8 trunk shows in December was on the 13th and I had my Christmas visitors arrive on the 14th so my best intentions did not come to fruition this year. I had a very busy but fun Christmas. I am happy to say I am relaxing now before DOT dollars season hits! I am so excited about the new collection- I hear and see sneak peeks that look fantastic! The Norah collection is a gorgeous start.

November and December Sales - Sugar Plum Fairy-WE ROCK!!!


Rachelle $6884.00

Amy $2342.00

Janine $2149.00

Grace $1123.00

Wiesje & Minette $977.00

Sylvia $961.00

Nora $686.00

Shedion $394.00

Bonny $182.00


Rachelle $11896.00

Shedion $1700.00

Janine $1409.00

Wiesje & Minette $1303.00

Grace $790.00

Sylvia $633.00

Amy $233.00


Dot Dollars are awesome! This will keep your sales rolling into January. All of your December customers who spent $50 or more will receive an email with a Dot Dollar redemption code. Customers have between January 3rd and 11th to redeem these codes for $25 off any purchase of $50 or more. You will receive an email with ALL your customers codes. You can follow up and assist them with their order if they need help. I was able to get 100% of my codes used last year by simply following up with every customer by email. It is a fabulous way to get incremental sales without leaving your computer. Check the lounge for a DOT Dollar email that you can simply add your customers name to and send.

Happy New Year Team "I'm Possible"

I hear and read the word gratitude everywhere. This new "it" word probably catapulted to the top of our vocabularies in part by famous orators like Oprah and Nelson Madela. Oprah's gratitude journal has not been something I have done literally but often I find myself at the end of the day mentally ticking off simple things like the health of my family and myself, but often I think how grateful I am to have met all my Stella-tives. This new sparkly family has truly made my life more joyful. I wish you all a very Happy New Year with much JOY -in whatever capacity that means to you.