Class Meetings: 8/27 - 8/31

District Required Meetings & Character Lab Trait Review

August 27th: All Grade Levels

Topic: Curiosity

Use the link below to access the Curiosity Class Meeting Smore. :) See specifics in link.

August 28th: All Grade Levels

Topic: Tattling vs. Reporting

Show the "Tattling vs. Reporting" Poster to your class. See poster (link below). If you don't have one, please come get one from Ana's office.)

Discuss Tattling vs. Reporting with class.

K-2: Come up with some tattling examples and some reporting examples. See if students can identify each. Explain to students when they need assistance, or have identified a tattle as a report and vice versa.

3-5: Give examples of tattles and reports. Have students identify them. Then, allow students to come up with examples themselves. Explain misconceptions when they arise.

August 29th: Kinder - 2nd Grade

Topic: Reporting

Review with students situations in which they should report here at school. Create a list of people they can/should report to. Please stress the fact that you as the homeroom teacher needs to know when something is going on that requires reporting. You will always tell the other necessary "safe" adults at school, but it will also help you to keep them safe. Explain to students ways that they can let you know they need to tell you something important in private, so children can report without feeling sent away. Please stress that reporting is to be done in private, not in front of peers.

Some Examples:

Homeroom Teacher

Grade Level Teacher

Counselor or Assistant Principal


If time allows, please review reports vs. tattles again using role playing.

August 29th: 3rd - 5th

Topic Reporting

You will review the STOP IT app and video with your students. At this point, 8/19/18, we're waiting on the district to give us the video for elementary. Please review this particular class meeting again shortly.

Thanks again,


August 30th: All Grade Levels

Topic: Zest

Use the link below to access the Zest Class Meeting Smore. :) See specifics in link.

August 31st: All Grade Levels

Topic: Social Intelligence

Use the link below to access the Zest Class Meeting Smore. :) See specifics in link.

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary