How to be a good digital citizen

By Rose 7C


It's not that hard to click onto a website and sign up for it, a click, another and more. Until you see that you've done something wrong. You shared too much information! I'm Rose and I'm here to tell YOU all about being a GOOD digital citizen. That includes your digital footprint and your online dossier.

All about digital citizenship

Digital citizenship is easy to create but hard to handle, you have to have the proper use of technology on the internet, of course. Like that one day you're mad at your sister who is in college, you go onto her computer and delete all her emails or use rude replies to her teachers. Oh boy, imagine your sisters place. She gets kicked out of college probably. But not to fret! With my help of you understanding how to be an excellent citizen in the internet, you will be an amazing one.

Tips & tricks!

Don't share private information!

When you create an account on social media or even anything, don't bother to actually put your real information. An example is John Quinn, he is an employee of a company. He doesn't want his boss to find his account. Instead of his last name, Quinn, he uses Zebra. John Zebra can help NO ONE find your private information, such as your credit card, birth date, address etc.

Check the terms and policies!

Before even trying to click the sign up button, ACTUALLY read the part everyone skips. Listen I know you hate them popping up but they're actually useful, they'll tell you if they use your data and information, if you don't want that to happen, then don't sign up. They can track your IP as well of what you search on there.

Think before you post/send!

Before you send or even post something online that will be STILL saved even when deleted. Even if you hate Simon, just don't send it online to anyone or post about it. Is it nice? Is it helpful? Is it necessary? Think about it before bothering to send something that isn't necessarily needed to be known by everyone and hurt Simon.

Be an appropriate age!

Before signing up, how old do you have to be on Facebook? 13? If you're under, ask for a parents permission BEFORE signing up. It isn't safe for your parents not to know about you using Facebook online. They should be up to date with your activities online.

Feel comfortable!

If someone or something online is bothering you or making you feel sad/uncomfortable, tell a trusted adult like your mother or father online and they will know what to do for you. Do not delete the emails or whatever, show them right away. Your parents know the best for you, if they say no more of that website. Agree with them.

Right and wrong!

If something online looks wrong to you, don't click onto it. Try to show a parent, like an inappropriate pop up from a virus. Show it right away to a parent or trusted adult for them to solve the problem and tell you what to do about it.

Ask a friend!

Ask a friend before adding them, your friend Jessica has Facebook and someone named Jessica Quicksilver has requested to add you. Don't add them till you show them or ask them about it. You'll never know who it is. If you don't know them, decline their request and if they continue, block and report along with telling an adult you trust.

Congratulations, you just won an iPhone 6S!

Usually when we see pop ups or ads, they mislead us to trouble. The usually, congrats! You won a (something you dream of) And they ask for your information and address which isn't safe. The usual scam is known of and don't even try to put in your credit card information or birth date.

Get ad block or an anti-virus!

When you're on google chrome, try to get an anti virus from the Chrome Web store. Usually when you buy a computer, it comes with a free anti-virus for a few months or so. If you don't have one, try Maltware-bytes which is mines and it's 100% FREE. I think it's better since it checks everything on your computer and scans it. They can block pop ups and viruses. They also can erase them.

Am I a good digital citizen?

I think I am an okay digital citizen because sometimes I do go online and get curious, clicking onto things which a lot of kids do and is a bad habit. I add people I don't know but I still do a bit of research on them before adding, if their profile seems suspicious then no. If they text me gross things, then bye bye! I can be a good citizen by telling my parents what I do, like if someone makes me feel uncomfortable or wrong, I show it to my mom. Our generation has a terrible understanding of media. We use it for drama, and misunderstood use of it. Like trolling and hating.