Ken Wills

Task 3 (AC 2.2 – 2.5) By Ellen O'Keefe

Why I chose Ken Wills

I chose Ken Wills as he grew up in the same town as me. He lived in a semi with no money and now is a millionaire. He owns a lot of businesses and worked his own way up as an entrepreneur.

Who is he?

He is an English entrepreneur with businesses located in The Isle of Thanet. He owns a Jet engine maintenance shop, a helicopter firm, a fire prevention company, a restaurant, a jewellery company and a radio station. He is from a semi house in Ashford, Kent. His mum was a nurse and his dad a jobbing builder.

what skills the entrepreneur has

Kenneth Wills has many skills. One of them is that he gets bored easily so always wants new tasks to get stuck into. this is a good skill as entrepreneurs shouldn't give up. Ken Wills is passionate and hard working as he is committed to his work.

What does Ken Wills do?

Ken Wills owns numerous businesses as seen above. He is an entrepreneur. He has brought and now owns many companies and businesses across Ashford.