Political parties

By: Cara and Alexis

First two U.S. political parties

The Anti-federalist and Federalist parties were created when the decision to make a new Constitution came into play. These parties were the first two political parties in the United States and they had different ideas on how to create the new government. They had many different views and opinions, but finally created the new government and wrote the Constitution after the Federalists finally compromised with the Anti-federalists.


The Anti-federalist party wanted a weak federal government and a powerful state government. They wanted a weak federal government because of their previous ruler had too much control in a central ranking and took away their natural rights. The Anti-federalists wanted to keep the Articles of Confederation in the Constitution because it weakened the central government. They demanded that a Bill of Right was to be added to the Constitution because they didn't want their rights to be ignored or forgotten. Some memorable Anti federalists included Samuel Adams, former Son of Liberty and the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.


The Federalist party completely disagrees with the Anti-federalists and wanted a powerful federal government and a weak state government. They wanted the states to be weak because they felt the federal government had to be strong for the states to be able to form a nation. The Federalists believed the new government written in the Constitution was the perfect way to live, the Anti-federalists didn't totally agree and wanted the Federalist to add the Bill of Rights, even though the Federalists found it unnecessary. Some very famous figures in history, Benjamin Franklin, our second president; John Adams, James Madison, and Alex Hamilton were a part of the Federalist party.