People In Science

Jon Bohmer, Dijanna Figueroa, Mitchell Pryor, Agnes Riley!

Jon Bohmer

Facts about Jon

He invented an oven that uses sunlight.

He's one of many people to use cardboard, foil, and sunlight to build an oven.

He as a brand called Jon's Kyoto Box oven uses two cardboard boxes painted black.

It only cost about 5 dollars.

Can't be sustainable without tech.

Dijanna figueroa

Facts about Dijanna

Wanted to be a marine biologist.

Spends up to 12 hours a day in a lab.

Studies the metabolisms of creatures that live in extreme environments.

She was in the one Max Film "Aliens Of The Deep".

Currently she works at Science Institute in California.

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Mitchell W. Pryor

Facts about Mitchell

He conduct robot research.

Develops and tests new ways rouse robot.

Operate both with and without human assistance.

Received his Ph.D. from Ut.

Also teaches graduates.

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Agnes Riley

Facts about Agnes

From Budapest, Hungary.

He will take a computer take it apart find the problem and fix it.

Owned a company in Hungary.

Moved to New York in 1999.

Became a technician.