Crossing The Wire

Crossing the Wire

The scene that I like the most was the part were Victor was on the bus and he was really nervous because there were police. He didn't thought he needed his documents in his own Country. It was unfair how the police got Victor out of the bus just because they didn't believed him. Victor stood outside the bus by the police car, he was thinking that they were going to report him back to Silao , but he got away and all the police started shooting at him. I liked it because It was interesting because you learned about all the hard work that Mexicans/people go through when they're trying to come to United States to have a better life and help their family.

This story is about a kid named Victor Flores. He didn't have money for his family so he decided to "Cross The Wire" from Mexico To the United States so he can work and send money to his family. Victor told his mom about his decision and she said she wouldn't let him do that , but she knew that that was the best thing or they all could die of starvation. Without money they couldn't pay their house or their food. But without money to pay the smugglers who sneak illegal workers across the border, Victor must struggle to survive as he jumps trains, hides on trucks, and hikes miles through the Arizona desert.

Victor's journey is fraught with danger, freezing cold, hunger and dead ends.

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