The meaning of citizenship

By: Gavin Reinhard, Clayton Payne

How to become a Citizen

In order for someone to become a US citizen they must first either be born in the US or hav a parent here in the US while they were being born. Or if they are coming here from a different country they hav to go through the naturalization test. This is the process called 'naturalizing'

The office of citizen services and technologies is the nations focal point for information on immagrants coming to the US.

When we did the naturalization test in Civics class i did not pass so if i were an immagrant i would not be allowed in the US. I could be in the US, but that would mean that i am an illegal immagrant.

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What It means to be a citizen.

Being a citizen means to follow all the rules put in by our government, Abiding Laws.

Also to be politicaly aware, which means to follow up on whats changing in office, you never know,you might miss something important!

You also need to help, be a voulunteer or help a friend or neighbor.

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