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Created by Hannah Abell

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Grade Level Information

Intended Grade Level: 2nd Grade


•Identify real-life connections between words and their use.


•The student will produce words for categories.


• Students state words that correspond to categories by playing a board game.


• Game board

• Dice

• Game pieces (e.g., counters)

• Categories Worksheet

Creating the Game

In order to create this game, I downloaded the game and worksheet from the Florida Center for Reading Research website (see link above). I then created my own board game out of poster board and markers. I used most of their ideas for the different categories but came up with several new categories that were not on the example board. For the game pieces, I used a die that I had at home as well as little "meeples" for the game board counters. They are basically little different colored people that are used in actual board games. The worksheet I created on my own as well, I did use some of their ideas and categories though. I followed their template, so it would work well and not confuse the students. I used lots of bright colors for this game and I think it turned out well. My students told me they had fun while they were playing it, which is always a good thing!


1. Place game board, dice, and game pieces on a flat surface.

2. Taking turns, students roll the dice and move game piece the number of spaces shown.

3. Say category (e.g., space things).

4. State three or more words or phrases that correspond to the category (i.e., Mars, moon, and satellite).

5. If correct, leave game piece on the space. If incorrect, place game piece back on the previous space.

6. Continue until all students reach the end.

7. Fill out worksheet.


1. The next time I play this game, I would split the students up into groups where they were varied by reading level. When we did these games, they were in their reading groups, from highest level to lowest. It was really difficult for the lower level readers but fun and easy for the higher level readers. I think that intermixing the students would help and make it fun yet challenging for all the students.

2. I would like to have more spaces for the students to make up their own categories and come up with three words that fit into that category. I really think that would help get the point across of what a category is.