The Land Of Equal Opportunity

By: Tiffany Hataway, Clay Kelley, Savannah Williams

Women's Rights

  • Women have not always had the equality they had today
  • It took them several years to get the rights they have now
  • 19th amendment was the start of equality for women

Immigrants in the US

Allowing Immigrants may have it's downfalls but for the most part it is a good thing.

  • it gives them the opportunity to prosper and grow
  • employment opportunity
  • family opportunity

America is the land of EQUAL opportunity


America has given equality to many different people. We do not discriminate by color, race, sex, or religion. Many people do not understand that America has came alone way when it comes to equality. Women and African Americans have the right to vote. Immigrants have the opportunity to become a naturalized citizen and live in the US.