Just Because Of Skin Color

KKK Birmingham 1963

Who is KKK?

KKK is not just a person. It is a group of people. KKK stands for the Ku Klux Klan. They did almost anything they could to hurt African Americans. Obviously by reading this you can tell that the KKK was a super racist group who believed that Caucasians should rule the world. Do you think that the color of our skin is really worth all of this commotion?

African American Baptist Church Bombing 1963

So How Did It All Go Down???

The KKK first had set at least 15 sticks of dynamite underneath the front of the African American Baptists churches steps which was connected to a timer that would tell when the bomb would go off. Then at about 10:22 a.m on September 15th, 1963 a member of the KKK called the church. The Sunday school secretary answered the phone call. (A 14 year old girl named Carolyn Maull was the secretary.) She answered the call,the KKK member replied the words "3 minutes". There were 3 other girls there in the basement when the secretary had gotten the call. The girls were putting on choir robes for a song they were going to perform to the church. Less than a minute later after the phone call, the church blew up. The explosion was massive. It even blew up the windows of other homes 2 blocks away. Lots of other things were destroyed including the steps of the church and a driver on the street. In the bombing the 4 young girls in the basement ended up all dying. The explosion also injured approximately 22 other people.The 4 victims were Addie Mae Collins who was 14 years old, Carol Denise McNair who was 11 years old, Carol Robertson who was 14 years old , and Cynthia Wesley who was as well 14 years old. Addie Mae's younger sister 12 year old Sarah Collins had about 21 pieces of glass embedded in her face which caused her to get blinded in one of her eyes. And yes the members of the KKK had to pay the price. Robert Chambliss was found guilty of first degree murder of 11 year old Denise McNair. Thomas Blanton and Bobby Cherry were found guilty for 4 counts of murder. They were both sentenced to life imprisonment in 2001 and 2002. However Herman Cash who died in 1994 was not having to suffer the consequences because no one had proof that he was involved in the bombing. That is mostly everything that happened. In honor of the 4 girls the church decided to make a bronze statue in front of the church to be respectful.
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