eQUIP for November 22, 2017

for the Academic Journey of e Schooling

Thank you for all YOU do, Learning Coach!

eQUIP......Tools for empowering YOU, the Learning Coach!

We believe in you, Learning Coach! Your partnership with teachers and the school is vital. You are a co-teacher, and one who dares to teach must never cease to learn. That is what eQUIP is all about...equipping you to be the best learning coach you can be as you guide your child on this educational journey.

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Literacy Day Resources - On Our Website

Access what you might have missed!

Power their minds with Literacy!

LIteracy (Reading & Writing) is a student's SUPER POWER for a lifetime of success. OHVA LIteracy Days 2017 provided some great learning interaction for students and support for LC's. The elementary students met Dex the Heart of a Hero and our middle schoolers were introduced to AnneMarie and Ellen in the historical fiction Number the Stars

Wait Time = the LC"s Super Power

Enjoy this RECORDING of the Literacy Day Parent Session to eQUIP you to use Wait Time! This super strategy will develop confidence and independence in your student, and help content to stick. The recording also shares ideas/hindrances to fostering literacy in your home.

HELP...SUPPORT...ANSWERS -- Walk to Class

Are you struggling as a Learning Coach? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Do you need some added support? Are you looking for your Fairy Godmother to Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo your troubles away? We all know fairy godmothers aren't real, but you can find real help with K12's WALK to CLASS.
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Tis the Season for An Attitude of Gratitude


Did you ever play the game Pick-up Sticks as a kid? (Also called jackstraws, or spillikins) This is a homemade version of Pick-up Sticks, with a twist. With this game, each time you pick up a stick you have to name something for which you are grateful. Each color represents a different type of thing. What a great way to get kids to realize all the things there are in our lives for which we can give thanks!


Here is another fun way to celebrate gratitude with your family. Either all-year-round OR just during the holidays have small strips of paper available for your family members to write down their blessings and place in a gratitude jar. You can design this jar together as a family as a craft project over Thanksgiving break. Then, on New Years, dump out all of the blessings and read as a family. What a way to start the New Year!

Delve into the History of Thanksgiving with these fun apps!

Learning Coach Landing Page - Info You Need!

The new landing page for LC's! Check out the how-to here.

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eQUIP is specifically designed to help Learning Coaches successfully educate their Ohio Virtual Academy students.