sumerian legacy

rorie mortensen

wheel you join us in the world of new technology?

Now a days We keep coming up with new technology. Technology that would blow your mind. Wheels are the new thing, the most advanced piece of technology. Although the plow is a close second. Moving on these wheels are going fast so come quick. Down to wheels plows and more. If you do not know what a wheel is I'm about to tell you. A wheel is a circular object that revolves around an axle. Or in other words a round circle that spins. Now if you don't know what a plow is I'm about to tell you. A plow is a cart pulled by ox this machinery turns the soil so that it is ready for planting. I do not know another way to explain it.

Every Week Night At 6:30-7:30

Every week night at 6:30-7:30 we are giving away a free plow with every wheel bought! (ox not included)