Sheltered Instruction Technology

Technology in the 3rd grade classroom


* Provide hands on labs

* Include simple step by step instruction

* Show Large graphics

* Present info in small portions

* Allow real world exercises

* Show screen shots with illustrations that show exactly what to do.


1. Find out what your students know

2. Review Basics

3. Use Props if necessary

4. Check comprehension


- Learning individually students don't always retain all the information they heard.

- While in Groups students have the ability to learn from each other.


1: Jose is an ELL student that just transferred from a school in Florida and its January already. You must assess Jose ability in class and where he falls academically. What technology would you use to communicate and assess his knowledge?

- You could create a program with a general assessment except with illustrations.

2: Amy is a new student from France and there is a communication barrier given that that English is her second language. You are getting ready to start group assignments and you are trying to figure out where to place her. what do you do?

a.) Graphics that show words and translations

b.) Add her to a group with other ELL students

c.) Give her a dictionary with translation and hope for the best

d.) All of the above

3: You have a ELL student in class that is having a hard time keeping up and understanding, however when you use illustrations and translations she understands perfectly and seems to comprehend the information very well. what should you do?

a.) translate her work for her

b.) give her graphics with translations

c.) Use technology to help her build her vocabulary


In the 3rd grade classrooms students are learning to be more independent as they advance. However with ELL students it is harder given they have to learn a new language while doing all the same things the other students are doing. There are always new things coming out that help aid students in advancing their education.