14.99 with a Free light

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  • This is great for children to play with
  • This is also helpful when you drop all your paper clips
  • This is helps a lot if you are an engineer because when you are working and you are in a small shaft and you cant reach your tools.
  • This is based of a chameleons hand
  • It has a way of sticking on and off
  • It uses strong magnet
  • you can turn it on and off when you like
  • When it is dark you can use the light attachment
  • it is great with picking up small metallic things that is hard to pick up with the average human hand
  • In some cases if the magnets are power full you can climb up walls
  • This is an idea that has not been put on the market yet

More Info

  • Please do not use turn the magnetic feature on when you are close to an electronic device
  • please do not attempt stunts like climbing walls

The chameleon maneuver

If you are picking up a heavy object you need to use a special maneuver to pick it up. It is also known as the chameleon maneuver. To make this maneuver work you have to plant your hand firmly onto the object to pick it up,when you want to let go of the object you first have to take it off in the order of the palm to the fingertip.

This invention is guaranteed to be fun and help

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