Thank you!

You rock!

You got your paperwork done!

Look at you! It is November and you already got that pesky paperwork out the way! As a former summer staffer myself I know that paperwork can be a boring task. Thank you for taking the time to fill it out. It shows me that you are responsible and on it AND more importantly it helps the Main Office get a head start on background checks, references, and all the other wizard like things they do over there. It also means that you are making their lives easier by getting that paperwork in ASAP. Well done team, well done!
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Monthley Newsletter

Every month I will be sending out a monthly newsletter to the team, do you have a fun story, returner camp advice, or fun events you want included? Pass them along to me and we can add them.

Questions, suggestions, funny jokes? Question box is here to help.

I have started a google form for any questions you might have. You should always feel free to call me, but if you have a non-urgent question feel free to submit it here. I check the box 3 times a week. I want you guys to know that I am here to help you and to make sure that you have everything you need for a successful summer.

Lou Meggersee

Here is some extra ways to get a hold of Lou. During the non-summer time my office hours are 9:30ET-6:30ET. Remember if you send a text make sure to put your name in the text.