IDEA Cafe Startup Workshops

Get help face-to-face, live online, or via YouTube videos.

We share startup experience and brainstorm.

Your Small Business Chamber's weekly The Startup Show, our new Tuesday IDEA Cafe Google+ Hangout, and in our IDEA Cafe Startup Workshops, two or three share how they've started a business, project, campaign, or career, and we brainstorm. If we are successful, you'll be too busy to come back, but, with your help, we'll be here when you need us again! PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS WHO ARE HEADED IN A NEW DIRECTION WITH THEIR WORK! THANKS!

Before the show or any time (right now would be a good time) post an introduction of yourself and/or your business on our Facebook Page. I'll promote those that participate with us on one of the shows, see

John Wren, founder & CEO

Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

We cooperate with local chambers to give more

real help to startups and very small businesses.

The Startup Show Fridays at 10 a.m., the IDEA Cafe Hangout Tuesdays at 4 p.m. Mtn or on YouTube, or live meeting in Denver, elsewhere soon with your help!

If your starting in a new direction with your work, starting a new career, project or campaign, or a new business, join us. Free, we just ask that you bring your brain for the brainstorming.

You'll meet interesting people, get inspired, and get a better focus on what you can do right now to take the next step or two towards what you want to do.

This life is short, let's get started!

Facilitated by the founder & CEO of the Small Business Chamber of Commerce.

This life's short, start now!

Frequently asked questions.

What's different about this? Most startup programs in colleges and universities and those promoted in various forms by the Small Business Administration promote a venture capital approach to startup with formal market research and formal strategic planning. That is just not how most businesses, or anything else, gets started.

Based on the startup principles in my little book about startup that's been selling for over 20 years, go to, search on John Wren, Daring Mighty Things.

Is this a networking group?
No, but some great networking takes place. This is a learning group, if you have a question, if you really want help getting started, you are welcome. But please, don't come just to network.

What does IDEA stand for? I= Inspiration or Identify the target; D= Develop alternatives; E= Evaluate the alternatives; A= Act! Some call the first two steps green light thinking, that's all we do at IDEA Cafes, but read light thinking, Evaluation and Act! are good brainstorming topics if they are a concern.

Can I only come to one meeting? No, comeback any time you really need the help of the group. But please, again, don't come to just network. The Startup Show each Friday at 10 a.m. (or watch the recording any time) and the Tuesday, 4 p.m. IDEA Cafe Hangout is something we hope you'll tune in frequently.

Schedule of meetings, more information, RSVP.

We don't compete with local chambers of commerce, we hope to become their best source of new members as they start new IDEA Cafe Startup Workshops. If you might be interested contact us. "Have meeting -- Will travel."

For more information about what makes IDEA Cafe Startup Workshops different, a schedule of upcoming meetings, and to RSVP see