Mali: An African Kingdom

by Richard and Eder


500 B.C.E. First uses iron tools

850 C.E. Ghana became powerful empire

700 C.E Traders introduce Islam

1312 C.E. Mansa Musa takes over control

1350 C.E. Timbuktu becomes major education center

Facts about Mali!

  • First to use the river system with railboats
  • Used agriculture. Rice, millet, papaya, gourds, cotton, peanuts, cattle, sheep, goats, and poultry.
  • Located in the heart of west of Africa
  • To the north was the salt mines and to the south was the gold mines
  • Found more goldmines than Ghana.
  • Caws are based on holy Kharan
  • West African culture traditions spread around the world
  • Timbukta became the center for education