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Poseidon is diagnosed with Bipolar?!?

How did he become?

Poseidon was caught by two co-workers, having a temper tantrum outside of a local clothing store, called Greek Fashion. Quickly the two co-workers called the hospital and police to rush him to the hospital. He was told he needed to take a test to see if anything was wrong. His test results were shocking to his family and friends because his test said that he was diagnosed with bipolar.

Family AND Friends

Poseidon has to be watched by his mother and daughter for the next month, in case anything happens. They need to watch him because him having tantrum's in public could affect other people around him and his city.

Liathens, Greekly News Reporter

Hades in a Good Guy Now?

How do we know?

Hades over the past month has been very generous to other citizens of his city. He also has been helping out at funeral homes and homeless shelters. Hades just yesterday was seen giving money to homeless people off the street. How generous is that?

What Hades has to say:

Hades was willing to have interview to ask him a few questions. Hades said, "After I realized that I was a horrible man, I deiced to make a change in how I acted and how I also reacted to things around my community."

Liathens, Greekly News Reporter

Greek of the Week- Aristotle

Aristotle born in 384 B.C in Stagira, Chalcidice, Greece. At the age of 17, he went to Athens to pursue his higher education at Plato's Academy. Aristotle met and married his first wife Pythias and had 1 daughter named Pythias. Aristotle was also known for tutoring 13 year old Alexander the Great, who later became king and conquered Athens. Aristotle then opened his own school in Athens called Lyceum. Aristotle spent most of the rest of his life as a teacher and researcher there.

Aphrodite is sending letters?

Copy of her letter:

Dear Zeus,

"Hello my dear friend, this is your good old friend Aphrodite. I was just wondering if you could possibly give me a new power. I think that I should be able to bring together people of our city, to find romance. I believe that this would possibly help, with anyone who is maybe lonely or doesn't have a loved one to be there for them. I still think that my powers right now are great and I wouldn't want to change them, I just want to be able to help others and our city. It would be the best day of my life if you would give and grant me this power. I hope you take this in for consideration."

Love, Aphrodite

Liathens, Greekly News Reporter

Death's of this Week:

Hippocrates, 83, also known as the father of medicine passed away from a unknown cause. He is best known for his works and achievements in physics, philosophy and medicine. He leaves behind his two children, Thessalus and Draco that were very much affected by this. Hippocrates will be best remembered for his professional approach to the medical field.

Plato, 80, founder of the academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning passed away peacefully in his sleep. Plato is best known for his writings that deal with justice, beauty and equality.

New Olympic Event?

Olympic Games professor's are thinking about adding a new sport to the Olympics. They believe that dancing should be added to the winter and summer Olympics. They think that dancing is a great way to express your creativity and rhythm. They also think that it also is a great workout and it's something that anyone can do. They feel that more people would be involved in it, because it isn't one of the most popular sport.

Liathens, Greekly News Reporter