Comparing Countries -2040

Special Edition - Now including Indonesia


Do you know how Canada would look like in a few years? Do you know how Canada looks now? Canada is the world's second largest country as it is filled by population. In this smore, you will understand the birth and death rate of Canada and we will be comparing it to Indonesia.

There's more to it!

Judging by the Introduction and title, you would guess this smore will tell you all about Canada's demography but not only that! We will be comparing Indonesia to Canada as well.

There are many reasons to why Canada is so populated. Here are a few:

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing... INDONESIA!


Birth rate:17.04 births/ 1000 population.
Death rate: 6.34 deaths/1,000 population
That says a lot already, doesn't it? Indonesia is not as well developed country's as Canada. Don't forget that Indonesia is rated number 16 in the order of the largest countries in the world. Sure, it inst that small but it is most defiantly not the second largest like Canada. Indonesia does not have much food supplies and is not a basic industry like Canada. Back in the day, jobs in Canada were farming, mining, fishing and trading for a living. Canada has improved dramatically from then and now. But as Canada improves, Indonesia remains almost the same as it was ages ago. Even though there isn't much to say about Indonesia, there are still many beaches and things to see and do there! Some areas of Indonesia are amazing and way different than others. Indonesia includes urban and rural areas.

Visit Indonesia!

It may not beat Canada but it is still worth it!