The 1920's roaring

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Zohaib S.


to restrict and control immigration & immigrants (by controlling their behavior, & limiting their opportunities. 3 laws that were passed are

  • The naturalization act of 1970 which reduces the residency requirement to five years.
  • The married women's act of 1922 which revoked citizenship of women who married foreigners.
  • The smith act of 1940 requires all immigrants 14 and up to be fingerprinted. After the civil war the kkk wanted to victimize the newly freed slaves
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Warren G Harding: Became the U.S president on 1921. Same day on his birthday and also was first president to have a radio in his office.

The Teapot dome scandal was a bribery incident that happened in the United States from 1921 to 1922

Kelogg briand pact was a Agreement where states would not use war to solve conflicts.

Political cartoon

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Court cases

Red scare: A time when U.S was suspicious of communism and scared of infultration spreading by communism.

Palmer Raids: Where federal marshes attacked homes of suspicious radicals and the headquarters of radical organization.

Sacco and Vanzetti: Two humans who killed 2 men and were sentenced to death.

Scheneck vs United states: A supreme court decision

Scopes monkey trial

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Innovations,Innovators n culture...

Jaz age: the jazz age represented a cultural shift, the birth of jazz age was from african americans but whites like it also. It made Music and dancing fun again for everyone in the 1920's

Henry ford: founder of ford motor company made it cheap and easy to get a vehicle so people in the 1920's could travel anywhere

Aviation: during this event aeroplanes were being developed to carry passengers for travel which was efficient during the 1920's to get to a place fast and efficient.

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